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Friday, October 3, 2008

South Beach Florida



South Beach is the American Riviera, Hollywood of the East, Sobe, or the Art Deco District - whatever you call it, Miami's South Beach is hot year-round. The embodiment of excess, South Beach is an international playground offering non-stop nightlife, sandy shores, unique architecture and plenty of eye candy.

Tourists and natives alike flock to Ocean Boulevard. Wild street parties, neon-lit buildings and raucous nightclubs are much of the norm and luxury cars cruise up and down the strip where many come to enjoy the scene more often than the cuisine.

When imagining the South Beach scene, think "Baywatch"with an architectural twist ... even the lifeguard stands are art deco masterpieces. The long, man-made beach stretches up the Atlantic for miles and is perfect for early morning runs. The beach is also about the best spot to view the city lights at night. Tourists, however, are drawn to South Beach for the culture. The city is a melting pot of nationalities. The Latin-American population has profoundly affected the area, and the diversity of the community is apparent in the various ethnic neighborhoods, food and music.

Beautiful people, staying at boutique hotels and lazing on the sand, but all had to be done to bring you the best of "The Best." So slip on your shades, pack your party pants and get ready for some fun in the sun.

My personal thought... I wouldn't want to live there because the humidity is like a SAUNA. Its a perfect vacation spot at arm reach.


Kitty said...

Wonderful getaway holiday spot...

Way hot and humid...

Which is great in the winter!

theceelist said...

It is a good feeling to leave a cold place & go to a warm place.;)