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Friday, May 29, 2009

Hey Guys!:);)

I'll B back in two weeks! :)

Sun Is Shining, where I'm at!:);)

Guys, Killers will be at Lollapalooza this year!:)...That's going 2 be insane I bet!

NOT U2 I made a mistake a few months back..OOPS>LOL

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey Guys!

I'm going on hiatus until further notice. I will be back soon. Until then please enjoy the archives.
I have sooo many lil thing 2 do be4 summer vacay.

I hope you've enjoyed this months postings. 4 now on I'm going to incorporate more design & beautiful houses/art:)

I'll post the return date some x next week...Until then..


Fun Fashion Friday

Horseback Riding Basics

Approaching Your Horse

Always approach your horse in a calm and confident manner. Horses sense when a rider is nervous or scared and the way you approach can greatly affect your horse's attitude. It is unlikely a horse would hurt you intentionally, but you still need to use caution to prevent the possibility of injury. Always have a clear path to get out of the way of your horse should unexpected circumstances cause him to panic.

Mounting Your Horse

In order to sit properly and have a comfortable ride, check the stirrups to make sure they are an appropriate length. To do this, simply place your arm on the saddle. Grab the stirrup and put it under your arm. The stirrup should be the length of your arm. The length of your arm is also the length of your leg.

A proper mount will go a long way in establishing trust between you and the horse.

  • If you are an inexperienced rider, have someone hold the horse steady while you get on.
  • Begin by standing on the left side of the horse.
  • Hold the reins in your left hand (drape any slack over the horse's right side) while also grabbing hold of the horse' mane with your left hand as well.
  • Use your right hand to turn the stirrup out and place your left foot into the stirrup, parallel to the horse's side. If you are too short to reach the stirrup, stand on a box or other object that will enable you to reach.
  • Now grab the back of the saddle with your right hand.
  • Bounce off the ground with your right foot putting weight onto your left foot in the stirrup, while simultaneously pulling yourself up using the back of the saddle and the horse's neck.
  • Once you are balanced on your left foot in the stirrup, swing your right leg over the horse as you release your right hand from the back of the saddle and gently lower yourself into the saddle.
  • Place your right foot into the other stirrup.
  • Make sure your weight is distributed over the center of the horse.
  • You will dismount from your horse by reversing the steps you took to get on. Hold the horses neck and remove your foot from the right stirrup. Stand up and swing yourself up and off of the saddle and finally to the ground.
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Although it is located between Park and Madison Avenue, once you step into Tao Restaurant in NYC, you feel like you are on another continent. The giant, 16-foot Buddha that floats above a reflecting pool filled with Japanese carp meets you as you enter into the dark, former warehouse decorated with Chinese characters on the walls. The Buddha, in itself, has become a trade mark for Toa Restaurant and can be seen from any point in the restaurant. Located in the old Palace Theatre, the décor of Tao Restaurant in NYC, as a whole, and the food will keep people making reservations to com back time and time again.

My sis r going 2 go when I go.. U need a 1 month the details..the intro 2 the wed page is DOPE!:)

Junior Boys - Hazel

It's Friday yall..OH YEAH LIKE HEAVEN...:);)

This 1 is 4 my buddy..LOL;);) Like HEAVEN..LOl

J Crew

Guys, whenever I go on vacay I alllwaaaysss go 2 J crew $ cute dresses chinos & bags:) I have 3 bags like the 1 in diff colors above 4 wnen I'm on the airplane all my nic nacks

Jolly Ranchers

My fav childhood candy.. Guys b sure to not talk 2 much while eating this candy...DANGER! LOL..but seriously;)

Burj Al Arab


Guys, I LUV eye make up...but I don't do the face powders or oils really I put olive oil on my face in the winter..I don't know I guess I don't need makeup..I feel like if I use it It'll be like an annoying job + I don't lk the having a coat over my face and the thought makes my face itch. You know how you see pep with a bunch of make up on then when they take it off they look lk sh** & you'll think WOW do u look lk sh** 2 day..LOL>>LOL.. I have worn foundation a few x. So this is 4 all you makeup heads...However, I do do the eyeshadow,liner & mascara lip gloss sm also glitter lotions & makeup smxs





B-Side Jewelry Available at!
James Lillis Pre-Release Detailed Leggings

Nicole by O·P·I (eco-friendly:)


Guys, dont u just Luv globes in the study...I do:)

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Guys I hv that LV bag above.but its whithe with the bow & lock. I dont know what it is about this bag but when I carry it I feel so model like my sassyness just comes out it's weird..I feel super cute carring it.:)

My Stream Line

Yōji Yamamoto
Ralph Lauren
Rick Owens
Yōji Yamamoto

my wish list..:)