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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hippy Electricity!

The clothes demand that you dance—somewhere, soon, and with abandon. Bangles and fringe, tribal tattoos, electricity-conducting colors that almost clash but don’t: If all that is not loud enough for you, just add more beads.
Necklace, $210 at Topshop, 478 Broadway. Bangles, from $40 to $60 at Diane Von Furstenberg, 874 Washington St. Bandeau, $11 at American Apparel, 712 Broadway.
Dress, $1,400 at Diane Von Furstenberg. Sandals, $1,605 at Giuseppe Zanotti Design, 806 Madison Ave.
Guys! Dont these SCREAM out door concert FUN!:) I LUV those bracelets and beaded sandles!:)


These colors r soooo NICE!:) & Rad!:)LUV This 1!:)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Liquid Sky by Little Wonder

Multi-layered textile sunshade/blind that captures the particularities of sea, air and light.It acts as a camera obscura, both filtering and collecting light in its surfaces.
The light captured by the sunshade/blind dynamically shifts with changing wind and daylight. As with the reflected light created by the gentle movement of the sea, which shifts from the dazzle of glittering reflections to the subtlety of calm fog, the light captured by the sunshade/blind similarly dynamically shifts with changing wind and daylight. 


Souk Style


Alexandre de Betak

 Alexandre de Betak is the superstar behind the most elaborate fashion show extravaganzas that the international fashion world has ever seen. 


Queensland, Australia