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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hallå och Adjö:)

~And how fantastic to catch a glimpse!.I wish life could be like this every day, or at least every weekend.

~The city is beautiful, especially at dawn. I took incredibly beautiful pictures when I stood at the golden harbor and watched as the lights were lit in Pest. In that moment, I wish I could have been holding my dear love hands.

~I would like to come back in the spring, the archipelago look very promising. Already missing the hills,squares, avenues, luster of the golden harbor, and the gliding hum of the trains as they creep!

~Air France and Cee

I'll return in April:) Hope you enjoyed Cee You Soon;)

Surray Around Town!

I love looking @ magazines and books. They always inspire me with new ideas!

All of the stores above are with-in  3-5min walking distance from the Story Hotel:)!*