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Friday, December 21, 2012

Mozart Turkish March


 Mısır Çarşısı

Istanbul is a friendly clean city full of fineness! A Place where you can revisit over and again. You can experience both the old and new,go on an eating adventure, people watch, shopping, visit museums mosques, palaces a trip on the Bosporus. It has it all!

And friendly cats are everywhere in Istanbul! They are treated very well and wonderfully fed. It's a felines paradise!
Pamukkale, Turkey, Natural hot springs

I ate the best  and vanilla gelato in the entire world at a sweet cafe in Taksim Meydanı for only 2 Türk lirası! I'm going to try to find the name of the cafe for you guys. It's a MUST DO! But if I don't don't wait, simply stroll down Taksim  by foot and you are sure to run into it!

No holiday is complete w/o gelato!

Afiyet Olsun, Lyi Yolculuklar! Gule, Gule!


Topkapi Palace

Nişantaşı and Istanbul Modern

 This is one of the outfits I wore. Everything are gifts  from both my aunts except the Miu Miu boots:)Please do carry walking  
Area and BelowNişantaşı House Hotel...

Istinye Park

J'Adore Ms. Dior

Gezi Hotel Bosphorus and Miscellaneous Pix

That girl/\ looks like Li Lo?! @ Gezi Bosphorus
Spotless local train with quiet people. I didn't feel dirty after riding like American trains!

Breakfast rap-uP with view of Bosphorus and watching the bird soar the sky over the Bosphorus
 Why go to Paris when we can have all of Turkey!:)