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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Maja Sten
"That's no way to say goodbye"

Michelle Claesson Eismann

Lovisa Burfitt
"Take a bow"

Lovisa Burfitt
"1000 Dollar Shoes"
/\ my fav!

Lovisa Burfitt
"All Tomorrow's Parties"
Cecilia Carlstedt
"Hemlines & Silhouettes"

Daniel Eatock
"Beatles Lyrics, signed"

Anna Giertz
"See You"
The prints on the wall @ the Story Hotel can be purchased...


I left my luggage/other bags  @ the hotel Goteburg, then lightly packed for Stockholm, since my exiting flight is in Goteburg:)

I stayed in a few different rooms here, I really like the Open Bath, It's reasonably priced with lots of sun light!
My aunt bought me the Escada jacket.!:) such a sweet heart..xo
Alaia Azzedine Calf Haired Booties r toooo COMFY!,..
Paired with American Apparel Black paints, my fav I feel like a horse back rider in these:)
I bought this necklace from Top Shop two years ago in SoHo NYC:)

Riannah Is well loved and appreciated in Europe! It's funny,the poster on the beside the tv wall looks like her:)
Prince's vid ..WHEN DOVES CRY video stills

 My fav lines are ...
"Touch if u will my stomach
Feel how it trembles inside
You've got the butterflies all tied up
Don't make me chase u
Even doves have pride"

This video and song is really hot and has alot of cool shots. Prince was really amazing in his glory days!! I love the dove girl's pruple tear drop @ the ending. Thats some fly sh*!

Above, Beatles  LOVE ME DO Lyrics on the wall:)

Breakfast Rap-up~ Tea and Freshly squeeqed orange strawberry juice.

Alot of days @ home I don't have time to sit for breakfast, so I OD while I'm on a holiday,@ breakfast time..loling

Located around the corner from Story Hotel:)
I'd like some pic taken of myself standing in front on this screen! I always say I need to have a photographer with me on my

Soooo smiley, non-peevish Swedish slicked back hair,sooo sweet:)

My mom stills tells me to not to talk to strangers especially strange men and lower my gaze "avoid eye contact,and keep my head down" ( my sis calls and tells me ) which I usually do in America, but it's hard in this place..loling Americans are simply not as hansome as they could/should be..I think it's a combination of over consumption of the wrong foods and life style in general, which leads to a terrible attitude.

Sture Gallerian

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stockholm, Sweden

Guard guarding the Royal Palace. He did his march and turns for me. I felt so honored and invited. I wanted to go give him a high five but I was too intimidate by that that vicious gun/knife he's holding. So we chatted,  I thanked him then smiled the left:)
Evening stroll @ The Royal Palace in Stockholm

Look who I bumped into headed to Gamla Stan:) Too tempted to get on it's back and too shy to
A friendly Swedish girl snapped some pics of both me the this horse:)
It's way too easy to meet people and make friends here:) Everyone is so welcoming and warm:)

Gamla Stan stroll @ day light