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Monday, May 30, 2016

Pink Art

James Turrel
'HOTLINE BLING' ROOM (maybe lol)
Sarah Lucus 'FATHER TIME' 2011
Pamela Rosenkranz 'OUR PRODUCT' Venice Biennale

Rihanna Fashion Look Book

NShe's been looking amazing! #work

FRENDS x Dolce & Gabbana

I truly luv my FRIENDS headphones! I wore them all weekend and took naps with this by my pillow:) smile;) lol

SPRING 2016 Dloce & Gabbana Printed Twill Gown

Yes, please & thank you~

#rare no I'm not sayin 'yaaaaasssss' lol

Rihanna Everything

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Illuminated drop ceilings emphasize the height inside this New York apartment

I'd use a clear acrylic table instead of the black one and change the wall art remove the pillows..leave the black chair @ the end near the stool/ table and luv this lay here with a pillow on the floor and fall

I'd use clear Chairs keep the wooden the table # now that's better right guys:)

The washroom really nice perhaps one to many mirrors... On some days maybe not other.
Luv the marble. I'm a marble junkie.thats may be why I find this apartment alluring:) 

And yes, perfectly located in NY. We'd run the town like crazies all day every other



Drake / VIEWS*~


funny lyrics

I really like this C.D and cover too! I think most girls like Drake. Most girls I know
I'mma relatively new I'd like to go to his

ready4 #summer#fun