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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Ramadan


South Korean Won

The won () (symbolcodeKRW) or the Korean Republic Won is the currency of South Korea. A single won is divided into 100 jeon, the monetary subunit. The jeon is no longer used for everyday transactions, and appears only in foreign exchange rates. The won is issued by the Bank of Korea, based in the capital city, Seoul



In my travel bag this week:) Swan Feather from last years safari holiday. I think the pic below is missing a feather attached , place on the side of Chanels . A feather would give the pic a fuzzy soft touch! So like a page marker/accessory:)  I call it

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Model Me @ Sunset☀️⚡️✌ Golden Child

I may post more I hope you guys aren't afraid of Hijabs!?

Monday, June 15, 2015

PELOTON Cycling Studio


Be sure to try at one of the locations. 

If there's no Peloton Cycling Studio in your area try you may want to try Soul Cycle! Peloton is the most fun workout I've ever experienced  


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Well Damn!*|/


So, today I went out to lunch alone..I step up to the counter and ask the waiter can I order with out the hassle of the waiter coming by back forth trying  to hike my tab. So I  tell the cashier  "o.k so I'd like margarita pizza with whole cheese and the crispy wings. I'm thinking , oh gosh I can't wait to eat this, so damn bomb! I order to go in the sorta to go side. But pleasantly have a seat alone. I sit down think to myself you know you should do this more often. So my food comes out I told the cute porterican  waitres, OMG all this food for me?this is insane I feel so guilty but why doesn't this come with celery so I can have the illusion of healthiness ," then gives cute lil smile. Yes , you do see not 1 but 2 sides of ranches (I have  thing for ranch quality ranch, if a restaurant has terrible cheap  ranch I'll never return to your restaurant) . So , I sit and eat 2 wings and 3 squares pizza then it's overwhelming great, I felt guilty. Then I tell the girl please can you bring containers, I'll pack it up myself.she was so sweet I didn't  want to bother her, and can u give me ranch to go and a side of hot sauce. I tip her anyway because of her kindness, walk to CB2 home and Deco store as I'm walking I'm debating should I go to Barneys, Sephora or Bloomimgdales. Then I think why do I even have the desire to go to the store. I don't need anything except 2 skirts I saw at J Crew I finally decided I should go to the gym because that was just wrong at that table alone surrounded by all that unhealthy food" yes it's in the fridge but for some reason i feel less guilty eating one piece hours in between. I ran a few miles worked most of the fav is the ab one . It's truly gives instant results along with a nice run. Sum it up , I was all over the damn place today..but it was so fun .  I Finally have time to be randome where time has no harness, a true luxury!! And I relearned what I already know Im so freakin 

( I'm aware of the typos I'll edit later:)

Fun day chillin alone:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hassan Hajjaj

Hassan is a breath of fresh air! Recently (2014-2015) in terms of art,fashion and design, I haven't truly found anything on the web that moves me except the projects I've been working on with my brother, sister Apple products and Hasan Hajjaj's work! In terms of innovations,  the web Is bland. My brother, my nephew are the next in line as a visionaries. I have a picture of my bro in my room as my inspiration. He's an artist , photographer, fashion designer and jewelry maker and we are partners! He says I have a great eye with great ideas and I enhances our brand. Even though we are partners there's a form of competition   between us but we are very loyal to each other. He thinks my lil sister, whose new to the team, is lazy but I tell him to chill just give her a chance. Perhaps, because she's the baby sister of the siblings. When I wake my brother makes me laugh and reminds  me to work hard in all weather conditions. He always has bizarre crazy ideas. He tells me NO one will build their name off of his sweat. I'm the same way but he's a million times intense than I am, imagine that?! Hanging around him you'll become tough and grow thicker skin. I'm less sensitive and I'm not afraid of rejection I just keep the show moving! O.k now you know me a bit better,

Let's do this maaaan 4 we have the treasure which everyone has been searching, inshAllah, bismillAllah  to give the charity, spread the wealth and Al-Haqq (truth)!

 #JustDoIt #Nike...

Installation at Harrods  in London

Oh gosh, I love Hassan's work. finally something I can relate to which inspires me on so many levels!! I'd like to meet him and own a few pieces, inshAllah:)