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Monday, May 30, 2011

Junior Boys - Banana Ripple

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2011

Hamburg is a hub for aircraft interiors, making it a natural place to hold the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo. A marketplace for everything you could possibly put in an aircraft, this is where the airlines come for their yearly big shop, and where everyone from Lufthansa Technik to niche safety-belt manufacturers roll out their latest products. Gabriel Leigh finds out what’s new inside airplanes.

Video Monocle

Ten Travel Tips

1. Try to always fly with the same airline partner and earn more reward points.
Here are a few other things I’ve learned over the years to make travelling easier and more

2. If they don’t stock Worcester sauce, don’t panic. Add a splash of red wine to your
Bloody Mary; you can’t tell the difference. At 9,000 meters, your taste buds are a
blunt instrument.

3. Because of the lack of taste-bud sensitivity, if you want to taste your food you’ll
want to dunk the entire sachet of salt and pepper on your chicken or fish. Maybe
bring your own Tabasco.

4. Don’t ever order the pasta, unless you like chewing cardboard. If you eat Ryvita,
disregard this advice.

5. Always remember to take your ear plugs, even if you don’t intend to sleep on the
plane. The one time you forget them is the time you’ll be seated at the crèche end
of the plane.

6. Before boarding, take everything you need for the flight out of your hand luggage
so you don’t hold everyone up when you get to your seat.

7. When packing a suit jacket, pull the sleeves inside out and roll it up to limit
creasing. Put paper between the layers of clothes in your bag or, better yet,
separate your shirts into individual bags. This will limit creasing, and then you
have a bunch of bags at the end of your trip that you can fill with tourist tat.

8. Get a red cover for your passport – if you’re Swiss, lucky you. Red is the colour
of diplomatic passports. Wave it at immigration and you may be diverted to the
diplomatic and crew queue. Much shorter. When you get there, plead ignorance
and they’ll stamp you and let you pass.

9. Sign up for a retinal scan. There are lots of different names for this system – in the
U.K. it’s called Iris. It means you don’t need to show your passport at the other
end, you just have to stand in front of a computer screen. This can save loads of
time. And it’s also quite James Bond.

10. If you’re flying Business or First, save the “Priority” tag they put on your
suitcase. Next time, if you’re flying Economy, reattach it. (This is particularly
infallible if you’re doing “self check-in.”) Thanks to this little bit of card, your
bag will be first off. And that means you’ll have a jump start on the taxi queue.

Bon voyage.

Lotus Cars 

Some of those tips are funny:)

Rouge Pur Couture by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent lip sticks are utterly spiffy!:)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Willard Wigan's Art Microsculptures

Micro-sculptor Williard Wigan has a unique gift of creating microscopic works of art which can fit through the eye of a needle or atop a matchstick head.

Photograph by Steve McCurry

Aishwarya Rai on a movie set in Bombay, India, 1994
Women Digging, India

During the dry season herding activity slackens, and the Rabari people alter their routines. In Rajasthan, women turn to grueling wage labor, earning two dollars a day for digging a reservoir.

Junior Boys's New CD IT"s ALL TRUE

The suave, sophisticated Canadian electro-poppers Junior Boys will release their new album It's All True the week of June 14 around the world, with a UK release coming June 20, via Domino. The group's own Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus produced and mixed the record, which they recorded in Shanghai, Berlin, and Ontario; Bob Weston of Shellac and Mission of Burma mastered the album. Before the album drops, the group will release a 12" single of the nine-minute track "Banana Ripple" featuring remixes by the Field and disco edit pioneer Tom Moulton.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Modern Day Romeo & Juliet THE BREAK UP

To Fair Rosaline,
It appears to me that affection is short-lived,

For my heart to you, I may not give.

Love that moved my every step,

 Is one that seeks in a direction left.

 Be you still of quivering sorrow,

 Forget my name in morning’s next marrow.

 O, if thou eyes ‘gain sail upon my seas,

 I will be the wind that drifts you softly from me.

And if thou tears were to rain in rocky storms,

For you, I will give a new sky to be born.

‘N if thou wants not to choose’st my light,

I will dim my soul as to not seem so bright.

And stay away I, a Montague:

To let your radiance in the night save you through.

And as I do pity thee, I do not regret:

For my love stubbornly lies with another Capulet,

My only, My fairest, My Juliet.


Rosaline's Response/Reaction

"So what are you saying Romeo?..

But I gave you my heart", as she holds it falling to her knees.

She wails in desperation,

laying on the ground moving in a circular clockwise motion.

Then she sits up and pleads to Romeo pounding the ground

As she starts to ripp her cloths grabbing her hair reaching her

arms in the air, and to Romeo.

Then she says....

"Fu** you Romeo I hope you die tonight!"

 Then she quickly changes her mind...

like storm on a cloudless day, mixed emotions, she professes........

-by Cee & Z.A

Akcent- My Passion

....So the guy singing in this song is suppose to be Romeo confessing his love to Juliet. And the girl is Rosaline professing her love to Romeo...

Love can be so tricky and screwed up..LOL

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cristal Bubble Hut by BubbleTree

The installation of the CristalBubble is both rapid and easy. Thanks to an air renewal system, the hut offers a high comfort level. Nomad, the bubble hut is a real outdoor/indoor living room which can be decorated as you want, according to your use.

Anish Kapoor's Monumental Balloon In Paris Exhibit

From May 11, untill June 23rd 2011  artist Anish Kapoor is the guest of the 4th edition of the Monumenta. His work, entitled Leviathan, is created specifically for the Grand Palais.

via Grand Palais
 More Info NPR

Monday, May 9, 2011

SUPER-COMPUTER-ROMANTICS by Matt Pyke & Friends @ La Gaîté Lyrique

Matt Pyke is one of the most innovative – and positive – motion-artists of his time. His approach can be described as both scientific and holistic, as the name of his design studio, Universal Everything, suggests. The striking variety of his artistic practices (product, print, branded art, tv idents, interactive design, shop installations, arts), has positioned Pyke as a global contributor in the diffusion and popularization of design and motion design.

La Gaîté Lyrique invites the artist for an exceptional exhibition, a lecture, and provides more insights about the creator in the ressources center and the video games space for a special curation.

I'd luv this..I want to see this exhibition..OH YES!! that would be nice!:)

I'm thinking, Chubaka, crystal man, ruffel man,ice man ,fuzzy man and I'm luving bubble man..I'm trying to figure out a name for the purple guy in the back!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


My bro sent this 2 me & I really like it Its really FUN & she's really cute!!

I was feeling lk crap all March then on Thurday it felt alive, like a comet..I was acting like a punk some of March and all of April because I thought I lost an important client..So I rebuiled my confidence & finnaly spoke with a partner..& my reviews were actually good and had more returning customers than worring  4 abssoulutly nothing..Never Assume The Worst and hope 4 the best.. I hd some compliants about my I thought all was lost..but turns out more customers liked him than my more qualified and more experienced worker becaue he was more fun and had better attitude / customers service and was able to connect with my customers better ..sooooo this causes 4 a cellebration..LOL


Lindsey Wixson Editorial — British

British Vogue did a lot with model -of-the-moment Lindsey Wixson in the April issue. This editorial shows her at her best, which is very Lolita-trapped-in-a-rich-man's-pool — complete with the fuzzy turquoise earrings she's been coveting on her Barbie for months.

Magazine: Vogue UK

Issue: April 2011

Editorial: The Right Side

Model: Lindsey Wixson
Photographer: Tim Walker

Stylist: Kate Phelan

How Whimsical!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Pretty Funny..HA!

Chanel / Retail Facades

Chanel invited Universal Everything to create a series of video artworks, in response to the 5 codes of Mademoiselle Chanel; Black & White / Pearls / Diamond Padding / Camellia / Art Deco.