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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Snoop Dog

Snoop Dogg The tall, lanky rapper known as Snoop Dogg has been a figure of controversy in rap. He was born Cordozar Calvin Broadus in 1971, in Mississippi. His father moved the family to Los Angeles when Snoop was young.

He started his career in music by performing at the Baptist church and went on to perform in talent shows. He learned to play the piano at the age of 5. It’s true to say that music flowed through his bones at a young age. Snoop got into a lot of trouble in his early years. Gang affiliations with the Crips gang in South Central LA lead him to his first conviction for cocaine trafficking, and landed him doing a six month sentence in the county jail.

His recording life started with Death Row records with Dr Dre. He went on to "No Limit" and now he is signed with "Geffen" Records. Snoops musical journey has been just as varied. He started rapping in the Gangster rap genre that so many loved in the 80’s/90’s. His liberal use of expletives for women landed him in hot water but there is something charming about the lanky rapper with the sly smile. He has recently forayed into country music, performing at the Country Music Awards, in a tribute to Jonny Cash.

Not only is Snoop an artist-he is also a dedicated worked for those less fortunate than himself. He donated his entire earnings for a concert in September 2007 for the Healing Circle charity (Supports mothers that have lost children due to Inner City violence). He also coaches for the Snoop young football league. Being a father of three sons, Snoop understands what a fathers input can do in the life of a boy. He loves coaching and really enjoys working with the children.

It goes to show that even a ex gang banger from the rough streets of South Central can turn it all around to be a great example to the young.


Guess What?

Who thought Snoop was a thug?! Snoop is a cool dude!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nancy Ajram

Outside of the Arab world, the name Nancy Ajram is not well known.But she is one of the top selling artists having sold over 40 million records alone.

Born in Beirut in 1983,the passion for entertainment flowed in her blood. She won a talent competition , similar to American Idol at the age of 12. She was the youngest artist to be introduced into the syndicate of Lebanese singers at the age of 18.She released two albums before the age of 20. Unfortunately, those first albums were poorly received. However, with perseverance she released her third studio album, "Ya Salam" in 2003 and was thrust into the forefront of the Arab music world. To western standards Nancy is very conservative, but to the ultra conservative Arab world Nancy is viewed as quite risqué.

Even though Lebanon is a relatively moderate Arab country, she still caused some controversy with her music video that accompanied her first smash hit "Akhasmat Ah"(I will taunt you), where she played the role of a flirtatious waitress. Her sweet voice and person placated those ruffled feathers and there was even a skit that lampooned the prudishness of Lebanese society.She was the first singer to be sponsored by Coke in the Middle East until 2007, and has had a huge level of success with her songs, which have been featured in the commercials.

Nancy has won a multitude of awards in Lebanon for her musical abilities. She was named one of the most influential personalities in the Middle East in 2005.

Strangely enough, Nancy’s religious affiliation seems to be unknown. Perhaps a smart marketing move by her management company. Her religion doesn’t seem to matter to her fans in the Middle East. Love of her music seems to unify them all. She performs all over the Middle East from the very conservative Yemen to the religiously ambivalent Lebanon.

She ran into a problem in Dubai with her dancing on stage and was asked to stop. No dancing allowed. She walked off the stage at that time. Nancy is young and seems unstoppable in her desire to reach the highest level in entertainment.

First stop the Middle East,last stop the world!


Guess What!

Beirut is the capital and largest city in Lebanon.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

David Beckham

Bending it like Beckham as become a popular phrase in the English lexicon. Is the title of an English movie but it also speaks about the talent and popularity of the English soccer start David Beckha, or Becks as he is known to his friends.

Born in Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone, London. David Beckham was born to parents who were die hard Manchester United fans. He often traveled with his parents to watch the games in the Old Trafford (In Manchester) and that definitely was the start of his love for playing English football, or as it is known in the US…soccer. One of the famous ex soccer players in the UK, Bobby Charlton, had a football school for young boys that David was part of. He signed on as a trainee for the Man United youth team in 1991 and was instrumental in helping them win the youth FA cup in 1992. With his trademark free-kick ability and his accurate passing skills, David was fast becoming arguably one of the most popular footballers ever. He went on to playing with the adult Man United team and helped them win the Premier League in the UK in 1995. He went on to captain the English team over 68 times before he was transferred to Real Madrid.

He played with them until 2007 when he announced his new contract with the LA Galaxy. It was hoped that this move would boost the popularity of soccer in the United States. Since he has been here, the game has gained more popularity although not at the level of the other more popular sports. David Beckham is married to Victoria Adam, one of 90’s popular Spice girls group. He has three sons with her and although they have faced criticism in their personal life,but his marriage to her seems as strong as ever.

They have a foundation together and David is also a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.He supports the charities Malaria No More and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) He was instrumental in helping London win the nomination for 2012 Olympic Games.

davidbeckham people

Quote of The Day

"I always used to go for blondes and quiet girls, but Victoria is the total opposite - dark and loud"
David Beckham


Monday, July 28, 2008

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

At 5ft 6 and with a waif figure, Kate Moss was hardly the epitome of what was considered model material. In the 90s she burst onto the modeling scene, and she was exactly what was needed to balance out the taller more curvaceous models.

With her ethereal beauty, Kate Moss is one of the most recognized faces in the world. You may not know her name but you have seen her face promoting campaigns for the likes of Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton among others. She has graced over 300 magazine covers in her modeling career.

Born in the outer London suburb of Croydon, Kate was spotted as most models of that time were, in JFK airport. She starred in her first major campaign famously with Mark Walberg for Calvin Klein.

Her rise into Supermodel status was sullied by her excesses. Photographed taking cocaine in 2005, Kate was famously dropped from promoting and had a hard time getting work.No one wanted a cocaine user representing their brands. A stint in rehab and a public apology allowed Kate to enter the fold of the Model elite, and by the fall of 2006 , she had so many campaigns going on that some were saying that she was over exposed.

Her line of clothes at H & M stores have proven to be wildly successful in the United Kingdom. With a limit of how much can be tried on at one time (Only eight items) and a limit on how much can be bought at one time. In spite of the restrictions her line can already be found on eBay.

Kate has one child with rocker Jefferson Hack.

Guess What?

eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar, a French-born Iranian computer programmer, in his San Jose living room back in September 1995.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chic and Swag Friday.

Gulf Dead Zone.
The teal blue area along the Louisiana coastline illustrates a region known as the Dead Zone, an expanse of oxygen-depleted (hypoxic) waters resulting from the delivery of excessive amounts of nitrogen pollution from the Mississippi River. Human activity is largely responsible for the seasonal hypoxia, which now threatens not only the marine ecosystems, but also the livelihoods of the people who rely upon them.


Egyptian Mub-Brick Settlement Uncovered.

The ancient Egyptian town at Tell Edfu was found remarkably intact, but even its settlement layers show traces of quarrying from farmers searching for materials to make fertilizers at the turn of the 20th century.


Indian Bride

South Africa's Indian community is largely descended from indentured laborers brought to South Africa by the British to work on sugar plantations. South African Indians today are found in all walks of life, including the president's cabinet, the law courts, and corporate executive suites.


Treasures From The Mughal Empire

“Muraqqa: Imperial Mughal Albums” showcases 82 rarely seen paintings from six albums. Formal and informal portraiture, naturalism, spirituality, worldly extravagance and history are condensed into images no bigger than a notebook.


Art and Design

Chanel commissioned the structure to house works by about 15 contemporary artists. Each asked to create a work that was at least in part inspired by Chanel’s classic quilted-style handbag. Artists recruited for the project include Sophie Calle of France, Sylvie Fleury of Switzerland, Subodh Gupta of India and the Russian collective Blue Noses.


Many of the artists explored the notion of the handbag as a cultural symbol, often with a dash of irreverence. Ms. Fleury created a giant Pop Art-style quilted handbag lined with pink fur; inside is a makeup compact in which you can view a video of women shooting handbags with guns.


Carlos Santana

There can be no greater accolade for a seasoned musician than to be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. For Santana their induction was a homecoming and a testimony to the years of dedication that was poured into the music that was creatively known as Santana. Throughout the various incarnations of the group, as their music style evolved and as members left one thing remained the same. One thing has remained the same and that is the membership of one Carlos Santana.

Born in Mexico in 1947, Carlos was born the son of a Mariachi Violinist. He used to play with his father’s group after he learned to play his first strong instrument..the guitar. However at the age of thir-teen his entire family moved to the United states. Resistant at first to the change, Carlos soon found himself immersed in the musical scene in LA.

Since 1966 Carlos has served as the bands Impromptu leader. Originally he wasn't designated the leader rather it was a condition of music law in California that all groups have a front man, and soon the group began to be known for its electric guitar riffs. Carlos at that time began to study with a religious guru.

Santana’s resurgence was marked with the explosion of their album "Supernatural." An album that was primarily collaborations of Carlos Santana’s guitar riffs and other artists. It was a huge success that won the group collectively eight Grammys. Carlos picked up 5 alone. "Supernatural" has sold over twenty-one million copies alone. It is the most successful album of his career.

Carlos and his wife ex-wife formed a charity called the Milagro foundation. The Milagro Foundation serves children around the world in areas of health,education and the arts.



"I'm laughing because I know the secret of life. And the secret of life is that I have validated my existence. I know that I am worth more than my house, my bank account, or any physical thing."

Carlos Santana


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scarlett Johansson

Already proclaimed as the sexiest women alive by Esquire magazine; Scarlett Johansson has already achieved a lot for a 23 year old. Born three minutes before her twin brother..In New York City, she has also been critically acclaimed for her film work. You may remember Scarlett Johansson from the Will.I.Am campaign video for Barack Obama. A political activist and supporter of the democratic nominee

She showed a passion for acting at a very early age and her mother enrolled her in the famous Lee Strasbourg acting school in L.A. Graduating at the age of 11. Scarlett went on to start in minor movie roles until she received her big break in the movie, Lost in Translation. After that role she said she was attracted to older men and vowed to never date anyone younger than the age of 30. All this at the very tender age of 20.True to her word she dated Benicio Torro for a time and is now engaged to Ryan Reynolds.

Not content with “just” being a movie actress, the multi talented Scarlett has just released her debut album which is a tribute to the eclectic singer Tom Waits. An unusual choice to cover but she managed to get some big names on board. She has David Bowie singing backing vocals on two of her tracks.

Scarlett has been called the thinking man’s muse with admirers such as the director/actor Woody Allen. She exudes sensuality but says that she really doesn’t put any thought into what she looks like. There was a brief moment of controversy when she claimed to have an ongoing email relationship with Barack Obama but that was denied by the Obama campaign. You get the impression of a very thoughtful young woman. She is more likely to be seen reading the Economist than the National Enquirer so it’s hard to believe that she invented the story for sensationalisms sake.

Generous in nature and humble till the end. Scarlett was the winner of the lease of an exclusive condominium in Miami at the 2007 Super bowl but in step with her generous nature.She made the decision to donate usage to a children’s charity.

There’s no doubt that as well as having talent and passion for her art. Scarlett has a passion for the people too.



Guess What?

Scarlett skipped the Oscars in order to tour India and Sri Lanka as part of Oxfam projects.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Genghis Khan

The founder of the Mongolian empire was born into minor royalty around the year 1162. His father was the leader of his clan and as tradition decreed Timiju (as he was known). He learned the skill of hunting and archery that all young Mongolian boys learned. At the age of six he was promised in marriage to a girl from a neighboring tribe. Usually these marriages were strategic alliances as was the custom at that time.

It was on his return trip after his first visit there that his father was poisoned. His people refused to recognize him as leader and abandoned him after his return. It took over 20 years for his tribe to recognize him as the tribe leader. In that time he gathered followers and arranged alliances that enabled him to reclaim his birth right as leader of the Mongolian tribe. He showed the first sign of his ruthless nature at the age of thirteen, when he murdered his own brother. His wife was kidnapped by a rival tribe, and when she was released she gave birth to his first son after nine months. There was much whispering about the paternity of the child, but Genghis claimed him as his own son. Through military might and being a great tactician, it’s clear how he was able to subdue as much land and people as he did.

He became the leader of the greatest land based empire. His conquered territories stretched from the borders of Manchuria to the Caspian Sea, from the forests of Siberia to what is now known as Afghanistan. He was known to be a ruthless leader, sometimes killing, and wiping out entire villages who resisted him. But for those who submitted to his rule, he was fair, not treating anyone differently based on their religious or ethnic backgrounds. Depending on where in the world you are from, Timiju, who is now known as Genghis Khan (The Great Warrior), is either reviled (such as in Iran) or adored (Such as in Turkey). He restored order and brought the Mongolians from a tribal feudal system to a greater military one. The expansion of the empire opened trading routes between countries and created a new demographic for trade.

Interestingly, one of the legacies that have been left by the prolific spread of the Mongolian army is that not only did they conquer most of the world, they also helped to populate it! It has been discovered that 8% of the men that live in the area of Mongolia carry the gene that is directly attributed to the Mongolian family tree. That means Genghis has over 16 million descendants! Quite a feat to be able to say that and that’s a testimony to the conquering mentality of Mongolians. They would wipe out those that opposed them and take the women as concubines into their harems!

To this day no, warlord or empire has surpassed the might of the Mongolian one. Genghis Khan died and was buried according to the tradition of his tribe in a location unknown. It is said that a river was diverted over his burial grave; thus, ensuring that no one would be able to find his remains again.



Mongolian Flag

Mongolian currency is called togrog/tugrik.

Monday, July 21, 2008



Born on the Island of Barbados, Rihanna always had dreams to become a star. She is a trail blazer in many ways. After having a demo sent to various record companies in 2005, Rihanna’s talent was recognized by Jay Z and she was signed to the Def Jam music label. With her top ten hit, Pon De Replay Robyn Rihanna Fenty burst onto the music scene with a bang.

Rihanna has had unbridled success with a string of top 10 hits, and been crowned one of the youngest fashion icons of our generation. She was only the 2nd artist from Barbados to win a Grammy and all before the age of 20.

All of the success hasn’t changed the young singer from her Island values and perspectives. Here's is the quintessential story of a young Island girl making it in the big city. Rihanna's song, Umbrella” was so successful that she won a Grammy. Her song spawned a line of umbrellas with the accessory company Totes. She cut her hair in a dramatic shift from the music company’s desire to keep her with long hair and as a result her known as the “Rihanna” has been awarded the best haircut of 2008. She is seen as a fashion icon with a style that is definitely all hers. She recently walked the runway in Milan.

It’s clear that the marketing of Rihanna is almost genius in nature, but having Jay Z adopt her almost in the role of big’s clear that the sky is the limit when it comes to what Miss Fenty will achieve in her career.

Guess What?

Rihanna's "Believe Foundation" is dedicated to helping children in need.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Chic and Swag Friday.

Horse Racing in Dubai.

Louis Vuitton 2009 Spring/Summer

Photo by Randy Olson/Melissa Farlow

City Planning Museum of People's Square in the Puxi side of Shanghai. Models show not only the buildings that are already done, but plans for the future.


Donatella Versace in Her Helicopter

Pharrell in BBC Ice Cream

Seven astronauts will board the STS-125: Final Shuttle Mission Hubble Space Telescope; Target launch :Oct. 8,2008.

From the left are astronauts Michael J. Massimino, Michael T. Good, both mission specialists; Gregory C. Johnson, pilot; Scott D. Altman, commander; K. Megan McArthur, John M. Grunsfeld and Andrew J. Feustel

Sailing in Dubai City.

Rich sailors in their expensive sailing toys sailing away.

Polynesian Bungalows in Bora Bora/Tihiti

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lisa Ling

The byline for Lisa’s website is ,”Trying To Do Good” a net-work that focuses on informing about issues and sorries that make headlines or people, and showing individuals who are simply doing "good work." This is the true crux of what Lisa is trying to do with her journalistic skills. Her strength is in her powerful reporting.A woman who is sincerely passionate about making the world socially aware of different conditions different nations are

Born in Los Angeles to Chinese American parents, Lisa got her first big break as co host of the LA magazine program "Scratch" at the age of six-teen. And at the age of eight-teen she auditioned for the position of co-anchor for the "Nationally Syndicated" news Channel one. This is a news channel for schools that is nationally syndicated. Through her work as a reporter, Lisa was able to travel all over the world. It was the beginning of her passion to travel and report what she saw. She was able to work forty hour weeks and study at the same time at USC. By the age of twenty-five she was a co-host of the winning daytime show, "The View." But her first love was always for social reporting, so in 2001 she left the view to pursue a different focus in her career.

She began presenting National Geographic’s, "Ultimate Explorer" a program on the Discovery channel. During her time as host of National Geographic's "Ultimate Explorer", Lisa a was able to visit those places that cried out for the world to focus on them. She also is special reporter for the "Oprah Winfrey Show"and a special reporter for CNN, recently given a spot as contributor for Nightline.

Do not be surprised if you see Lisa presenting her own news show one day.



Guess What ?

China is expected to overtake the U.S. as the world's largest economy in ten years.
National Geographic

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kanye West

No one could ever describe Chicago Rapper Kanye West as being ordinary, boring, or safe.

In the same vein of Mukarami…Kanye West can be considered a production in his own right. Bursting on to the scene with "College Drop Out," Kanye has proven that raw energy and self-confidence can make your vision both seen and heard. He has the ability to deliver even through trying times. He gives his audience his all - one may think that he possess supernatural powers.

Sometimes considered over confident, at others times just plain rude, but you will never forget who he is.

Kanye cites many influences in his early growth, but there is no doubt that his mother Donda West was the one who influenced him the most.

Known for speaking out when others are silent. Some may consider Kanye’s outbursts at the Grammys to be divaesque, but non-the-less he has never shied away from speaking his mind. Who can forget his statement about President Bush not liking Black people at the benefit for Katrina? Speaking from the heart and meaning it, there is no doubt that Kanye uses his music not only to entertain, but to inform too.

Isn’t that what real hip hop is about?

Kanye takes time out for his fans through his blog. A place where you can go and see the things that inspires him, such as fashion, art, music and don't forget the "Where Are You Yeezy?" girls.

Kanye and Donda West worked together to created the Kanye West Foundation dedicated to help stem the severe drop-out rate in high schools. The first initiative is “Loop Dreams.” A child at risk from dropping out can learn how to write and produce music whilst working on improving his or her academic skills.

Giving back can be a very clichéd thing in the music business, but Kanye definitely works to give back.

I think Mama would be proud to see that Kanye continues to contribute.



Quote of The Day

"Do you realize you are a champion." Kanye West


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Listening to Coldplay’s Grammy winning song,” Clocks”, one is reminded somewhat of U2’s "Beautiful Day." The comparisons to U2 are inevitable. Similar alternative rock sounds, the same social responsibility and the desire to enhance is how they interact with fans and the media . But Coldplay isn’t U2, or Radiohead or any of the bands that they have been compared to. Coldplay is more like an adoring younger brother looking up to an older brother that’s already left home.

With their at times abstract lyrics, Coldplay has forged its own place in music. Formed in 1992, These four young men seek to infuse their music with the issues that they believe in. "Vida La Vida"(their new album) is very genuine and polished in its sound and pushes Coldplay into the public eye.

In 2002, the band was invited to tour Haiti by Oxfam where Chris was promoting the "Make Trade Fair" campaign. That visit was life changing. Chris Martin, Lead singer, usually makes public appearances with a wristband with the words Make Trade Fair. He is the most visible celebrity representative for Oxfam’s campaign. He leant his name, among others such as Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, to the Big Noise petition in 2003. That was designed to bring about awareness of this issue that constricts the ability of poorer countries to rise out of the economy trap.

The band works hard to maintain social integrity, by not allowing their songs to be used to advertise those things that they consider against their own beliefs. They have lost millions in endorsements but they have held onto their integrity. As Chris says their music isn’t geared to the studio suits who don’t listen to the music but to the fans. They split their music earnings equally, they don’t engage in the usual rock and roll lifestyle. They even have a contractual obligation NOT to engage in hard drugs. Drug abuse is an automatic firing.

Starting with responsibility with themselves and keeping the groups integrity from the inside definitely is reflected on their outside dealings. Possibly loosing millions in endorsements as a result but you can’t help but like and want to support a band that literally holds their heart on their sleeve. Coldplay isn’t U2 and Chris isn’t Bono, but as he says, “I don’t mind not being cool I’ve never been cool in my whole life.” "Being voted the worlds sexiest vegetarian is about as cool as it gets.”


Quote of The Day

"If a few companies were less greedy, the people at the bottom would have a lot more."
Chris Martin


Monday, July 14, 2008

Dr.Nahed Taher

Dr.Nahed Taher is a trail blazer for Saudi Arabian Woman….and women all around the world. Born into a family of bankers and financiers, Naher says that it was her father who first sowed the seeds of her interests in economy by asking her opinion on matters at a very young age.

She spent five years with her family in Houston while her father worked for the Saudi state owned Oil Company.

She was married after high school and still went on to pursued her education at the University of Riyadh where she received her BA degree. She went on to study economics at Lancaster University in the UK and received her Master’s degree.

Her thesis was on the deficiencies of the Saudi monetary system. She received her PHD for economics in 1998. After finishing her education in the United Kingdom, Nahed was offered a high profile job for the International Monetary Fund (IMF). She turned it down choosing to pursue a job within Saudi Arabia. She was the first female chief economist in Saudi Arabia, whilst working for the National Commercial Bank.

Nahed is an anomaly in a land where women are not allowed to drive.

As a mother of three children, Dr. Taher shows that it is possible to have a fulfilling career whilst raising children.

In 2005, she became the CEO of the Gulf One Investment bank , one of the leading banking institutions in the in the Middle East.

She certainly breaks glass with her commitment to the development of her country and breaks ground in the Middle East. She is a refreshing contrast to the idea that a woman cannot progress within the structure of an Islamic society.

Who says a women who wears a hijab (head covering) and abaya (outer body covering) can't be a "Baller Shot Caller"!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lupe Fiasco

If you read Chicago and Kanye West you would immediately think that Lupe Fiasco was a Kanye Protégé. But when you listen to his deceptively laid back, conscious rhymes, you would never make that mistake again. The underground birthed Wasalu Muhammad proves that it’s his bold uncool lyrics make you listen and learn from what he has to say.

Rapping from the age of eight, his life as a rapper briefly stopped when he listened to the violent imagery contained in the early “Gangsta” rap style of hip hop. But happily for us Lupe soon found his way back to being a Lyricist by the age of 14. Drawn by the styles of Jay Z and Nas a star began to rise embodied by Lupe’s words.

In his newest album "The Cool", Lupe seeks to show the pitfalls of what it is to be cool. Through music and rhyme he seeks to educate the youth with the concept that what may seem cool is really uncool. A conceptual album that tells a story from start to finish (With brief autobiographical diversions) "The Cool " could be considered a trail blazer of this era.

With the bubble gum pop of hip hop artists these days, it’s refreshing to have a young man that speaks out for being smart and conscious. It’s actually cool to be uncool. When you listen to Lupe you really understand where he is coming from. As he says it’s the geeks and nerds who end up being the ones on top at the end. Almost like a throwback to the conscious rhymes of KRS-1 and Public Enemy, Lupe seeks to re-educate.

In this era it’s clear that as an entertainer you have to do more than be in music. You have to bring your ideas and a conceptual thought to the people, and Lupe does that with "The Cool". It’s very simple. The things that are considered cool aren’t really cool at all. You will hardly find a rump shaking woman in his videos or imagery of guns and excessive champagne flow. Its all focused on the artist who is delivering his message.

Lupe also involved in giving charity. One could argue that it really isn’t “Cool” to give back in this economic climate. His work for the Children’s Miracle network is a sign of his intention to really make a difference.

Lupe teamed up with Karma loop in a create a T-Shirt competition for the interpretation of his album "The Cool". All proceeds will go to WHY (a nonprofit organization dedicated in helping ending hunger and poverty).

There is no misunderstanding who Lupe Fiasco is, he's just "Pure Dopeness" !


Quote of The Day

"Hip To Be Square" Huey Lewis & The News


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Christian Audigier

Creating his first design at the age of sixteen. Christian Audigier is a phenomenon when it comes to marketing his brand of clothing. The owner and marketing genius, of the brands Ed Hardy, Smet, and Christian Audigier, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Raised in a family headed by a single mother in the small town of Avignon in France, Christian knew it was up to him to take care of the family. Knowing he didn’t have a voice, he chose to delve into the world of Fashion. His talent for knowing what was current was already developing at an early age. By eighteen Christian was dealing with big businesses on his way to being a fashion designer. He traveled to the US once a year and always dreamed of living the rock and roll lifestyle.

Christian's big fashion break came with his marketing of the Von Dutch brand. He gave Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake hats to wear and the next day their pictures were all over the media. He has also designed for the likes of Naf Naf, Levis and Guess jeans. His next move came after he parted ways with Von Dutch. He was walking in California and thought it would be cool to have tattoos on shirts. Christian licensed the The Ed Hardy brand {Don Ed Hardy is a real tattooist} and opened his first store in 2004. The rest is fashion history.’

Happily married with three children, Christian has the reputation of a down to earth man simple, genuine and sweet. He shies away from modern technologies when he is working. He doesn’t even have a computer in his office and only checks his phone every 2 hours. An unusual way to work in this time of high technology.

He opened his first Ed Hardy store in 2004 and immediately became the darling of the urban trend setter's world. With celebrity friends that wear his clothes, Christian has an unusual way of advertising. He gives his clothes to celebrities who wear them and create a buzz for his clothes. Madonna famously wears his shirts and has even asked him to send her more because her daughter takes hers. He says that he wants to take over the world. If sales and enthusiasm are anything to go for, this marketing dynamo may well be on his way!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Bradford Hansen-Smith/ Interview

When Bradford Hansen-Smith wakes up in the morning he gives thanks to God first and foremost. There wasn’t anything particularly different about Bradford as a boy. He had the usual passions. One would not have imagined that with age he would find a newer more unusual passion in circles, but as with "Wholemovement"…he seems to have found it.

His path of learning began rather innocuously at the University of Southern California on a short-lived football scholarship. He went to on New York to study art and then back to Chicago where he was able to pick up a fellowship to study sculpture in Italy. After leaving Italy he spent 25 years casting his own bronze sculptures. He became interested in geometrical shapes whilst taking a class in geometry in North Carolina. It was a natural progression from what he was already doing in his sculptures. He no longer considered what he was doing as uniquely art, but something else. Intrigued with how shapes were generated in free space this was the start of what we know today as "Wholemovement".

Bradford spent 10 years studying geometry and its various applications. He realized that the circle was more than just a simple shape. He believed that a circle was a reflection of what was contained within. Folding circles may seem like a pointless action initially, but there is a certain kind of spirituality that comes from "Wholemovement". The belief that a circle is the root of all shapes in the universe can be used as a metaphor for the Creator and his Oneness. The results of his search have been amazing. Beautiful geometrical shapes formed from a simple paper plate. He does not cut the circle in order to manipulate it, he creates hard edged patterns from the initial process of folding the circle.The wonderful aspect of his work is that anyone can create these shapes, perhaps not to the same intricate degree as he, but creating a simple shape is possible. As a result, Bradford has held many workshops for children both nationally and internationally.

Bradford strikes me (The Cee List) as a simple person with simple ideals that may seem complicated to others but really isn't. He doesn’t claim "Wholemovement" as his own, rather he believes that it is a process that can flourish with action. He makes a good point when he says if children were folding circles as much as drawing pictures of them then there wouldn’t be a need for books about them at all.The true understanding of "Wholemovement" comes from the experience of doing it. He has been published several times within the scientific community, but that isn’t his raison d’être.

He is a simple man in his beliefs. His idea of the perfect day is one that embraces everyone, a day where humanity embraces each other. A thought that has a Unitarian sense to it there is much to be learned from "Wholemovement". The ability to simply appreciate the intricate shapes that can be formed from a circle or the belief that all parts come from one complete whole. Bradford, himself, is simple in nature. It’s obvious that his study of circles has been a way for him to reflect on life as a whole. Perhaps Bradford says it best when asked what his greatest accomplishment could be, “Possibly my greatest accomplishment so far is to realize that I am far less than what I thought I would be when I was twenty, and far more than I dared to imagine.”


Uncut Interview with "Wholemovement," Bradford Hansen-Smith

The Cee List: Three words that describe you?

Bradford: Well-Intended -Person

The Cee List: Your idea of a perfect day?

Bradford: Perfection is beyond my imagination, but would have to be the result of all of humanity loving and serving each other with great respect and affection.

The Cee List: Idea of a friend?

Bradford: As stated by a 5th grade student in answer to the question of what the words truth, beauty, and goodness mean to her; she wrote, ‘If I knew a person with those three things they would be my very best friend’.

The Cee List: Which artist inspire you the most & why?

Bradford: God inspires me most, for he has given so gloriously and magnificently to and for each of us his best effort. Then I would have to say Vincent Van Gogh and Constantin Brancusi, both for their passion and dedication to understand what was given them. Van Gogh for his deeply felt humanity, and Brancusi for his physicality.

The Cee List: Your favorite place you've lived or visited?

Bradford: I try to be sensitive to the unique beauty and character of where I am without comparing my pleasure; but then there is the high desert, the sky, light, air …

The Cee List: Favorite charitable cause?

Bradford: I have no favorite, but do try my best to be as charitable to others as I am capable at any given time and circumstance.

The Cee List: Your Utopia?

Bradford: I have no idea about Utopia, but I’m sure that it must include everyone, otherwise it is not Utopia, only another gated community.

The CeeList: What is your greatest fear?

Bradford: Even small fears are great, even as a little pebble in the shoe, walking in sand looking for soft ground.

The Cee List: First thing you do when you wake up

Bradford: To give greetings to God with thanks for being aware that I sleep and am awake. Sometimes we discuss the day. After a shower, forty-five minutes of yoga, engaging a cup of tea and toast, and a few hours of work, I have breakfast and again begin the adventure of a lifetime.

The Cee List
: What is your greatest accomplishment thus so far?

Bradford: Possible my greatest accomplishment so far is to realize that I am far less than what I thought I would be when I was twenty, and far more than I dared to imagine.

The Cee List: Free style ( anything thing you want to say to the world)

Bradford: While the world fights itself for a piece, let us individually hold each other in our trials and tribulations, in comfort and love, in sorrow, and care for each others brothers and sisters, children we are, that we may ease the burden of physical pain, spiritual longing, and mental anguish, for each other for as many times as we are called, and one day we will find we have made a beautiful peace; and pieces will no longer be as importance as they seem to be.


Considered a modern day Midas it’s clear that Oprah Gail Winfrey has the ability to move mountains.

The richest African American in the world, Oprah's current life is a far cry from her roots wearing potato sack dresses in Tennessee.This poor background gave Oprah the ability to look at other people’s lives and empathize. She is not afraid to show her emotions when it comes to other peoples tragedies.

Arguably one of the most recognized women in the world. Oprah proves over and over again that her sharp business acumen blends well with her platform as one of the world’s most successful media icons.

Born in rural Mississippi Oprah was raised by her single mother, moving to Milwaukee, before returning to Tennessee to live with her father. Mocked by the other children, perhaps this poor background gave Oprah the ability to work harder than ever to achieve her dreams and aspirations.

It is truly fitting that Oprah looked towards Africa as a building block to express her outlook of a new way of thinking. A philanthropist of the highest level, Oprah proves over and over again that money and determination really can effect change.

Through her private foundation Oprah has helped thousands of African children from Johannesburg to Zambia and continues to impact lives in a positive way. Oprah has helped many people in need and her ideas have come to full fruition with the start of her Leadership Academy in Africa. It is fitting that Oprah devotes her time and extraordinary ability to bring something better to the girls who attend the school.

By building a girl’s school, Oprah has opened the door for opportunity in a place where there wasn’t any for young African females. As a African American woman giving to black girls, Oprah fortifies the images that the children see and allows them to have pride in what people of color can do.

Her impact is immeasurable but there is no doubt that her tireless effort to make a difference definitely crowns Oprah as the Queen of Giving.


Quote of The Day

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." Oprah

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Tupac Shakur! Whether you know him as Makavelli, 2Pac or just Pac, with his socially aware and provocative lyrics, Tupac Amaru Shakur definitely earned his place as one of the most iconic rap artists of all times. In a tragically short life, Tupac was able to accomplish many things - actor, rapper and a social activist. Tupac was capable and willing to wear many different hats to get his message across.

Pac was born on June 16th 1971 in Harlem NY and the son of a black panther. His birth came one month after his mother was acquitted in the NY Panther 21 case. Tupac had a remarkably normal childhood. At 12 he joined the famous 127 Harlem troupe and acted in ,"A Raisin in the Sun.” After moving to Baltimore and later California, Pac remained dedicated to his love of entertainment. He joined the Ensemble Theater Company.

In 1989 Tupac was signed and became a member of the rap group Digital Underground. In 1990 he released his first album and promptly became embroiled in controversy due to its graphic nature. In fact, what was denounced as the words of an angry black man were the cries of young black America. Tupac was a genius in a way that he connected with the young. He was one of the first rap artists to make being intellectual accessible to the urban masses. He made the plight of black America and the injustices that often afflicts them a focus of his outspokenness.

Tragically his life was cut short at the age of 25. He was shot in Las Vegas and died four days later of bleeding. However, Tupac’s legacy lives on. Nine albums were released after his death with more to be released.

A foundation was set up in his name to help impoverished children. Conspiracy theorists postulate that Pac may still be alive. There are hundreds of websites set up arguing that theory. It is a true testimony to the dedication from his fans and their need to keep Pac alive in their mind. Regardless of what you think, it’s clear that Tupac had something to say and he spent his life trying to get that message across.