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Saturday, April 28, 2012


 My nephew was recently accepted to an Ivy league university!!:)
Assouline began with an idea and a belief: the first, a notion that beauty, perfected, has meaning that is capable of transforming our lives; and the second, that a book—artfully crafted and highly considered in its visual content—can open our eyes and minds. With our first book, La Colombe d’Or, we sought to convey the experience of a small hotel in the south of France, a tiny, sublime world of art, history, luxury, and inspiration unto itself. Over time, that world has been expanded to create a universe that is anchored by our books but no longer limited to paper and pages.

Whereas other firms present themselves as curators of culture, Assouline seeks to be an engine of culture. We conceive of the company as a platform by which to disseminate the best thoughts and visions of the greatest creative minds, and our collaborators include the world’s foremost artists, photographers, writers, architects, fashion and interior designers, and culinary masters. Capitalizing on the incomparable network of founders Prosper and Martine Assouline, we activate our talent, production, and distribution to develop a custom-tailored solution unique to every project, whether books, furniture, leather goods, candles, gifts, or retail partnerships with other major luxury brands.

Heeded the French expression savoir vivre, which translates roughly as knowing how to live. This means being guided by a clear value set that privilege our passions. It means we put our resources and our time into things that matter: knowledge, relationships, and experiences; into history, culture, and travel. It means we favor things that are rare and precious not for their price tag, but because they enrich our lives. We are visual beings before we are verbal ones, and in every aspect of its presentation, products, and services, Assouline seeks to communicate the maximum content and value.
1 one my favorite book stores!:) Be sure to go guys!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Full of Love:)

This week has been so GREAT!! Happy and restless and full of LOVE of life and opportunities lying ahead!!  I hope you guys are feeling AMAZING as well, CHEERS*)

And Yes! I've been dancy happy feet all week..loling

Happy Friday:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

People of Africa and Arabia


She so nailed how I feel about my accomplishments.. I'm Like SUPER FLY.. She's so AMAZING!! Guys don't worry,  it's fine to tell yourself that you are SUPER FLY! In all of our glory! Go  look in the mirror and tell yourself this!!

The Catamaran of Dreams

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blumarine Fall 2012 RTW

WARNING!! You may want to turn the music off on this video, some of the songs may beoffencive :) These cloths are FUN FUN!! Some I would wear and some are simply fun to look at!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Takashi Murakami - EGO Exhibition

Take a journey into Japanese pop culture with one of the most prolific contemporary artists of our time. EGO - Takashi Murakami's first ever exhibit in the Middle East – is an interactive installation featuring circus tents, indoor cinemas, statues, paintings, and multimedia displays

9th February 2012 - 24th June 2012 ALRIWAQ Exhibition Hall

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Discovery SLANG TANG

I love an orange. red and golden sunset! Hey! ~This guy has great

YUMAKI Toothbrush

Yumaki was founded by a Scandinavian Product Design company and a Japanese Oral Care.

These would make cute cool gifts!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 I'd love to have some pix taken of me like these. I'd strike these exact poses! I've had these pic saved on my computer for almost a year. But I lost the web site with the info for the model and photographer:) I'll try to find it, hopefully:) It would be fun to wear glow makeup to an outdoor concert. My aunt use to always buy  me and my bros and sis glow paint! LUV LUV!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Love~~~~~


I watched it last month and was so sweet it made me cry:) If you're on spring break and have some free time be sure to watch! I think I'll watch it  again:) (Korean Language with English subtitles)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tokyo Designers Week

In the wake of a very difficult year for Japan, Monocle heads to Tokyo for its annual design week to see how the city and country is using craft heritage to attract new business.

JR Maglev Train

Traveling the 515 km (320 miles) from Tokyo to Osaka by Shinkansen bullet train currently requires 2 hours and 25 minutes (and costs a small fortune, too). Come 2045, travel between Japan's two largest metro areas will take just over one hour, following the launch of the country's longest maglev track, which just received construction approval from Tokyo. The nine trillion yen project (approximately $112 billion) was first proposed in the 1970s, but was tabled indefinitely due to its astronomical costs, most of which stem from an extensive network of tunnels that will represent 60 percent of the route. You'll be able to get your Japanese Maglev fix beginning in 2027, when the Central Japan Railway launches its high-speed route between Tokyo and Nagoya. One notable neighbor to the west is already operating its own maglev train. China's Shanghai Transrapid has been blasting riders to Pudong airport since 2004, and once achieved a top speed of 501km/h (311 mph). The country is also constructing a 1000km/h vacuum-based train that it plans to launch within the next few years.

via EnGadgets

I'ts Me "Moon Eyes"

Sleep on the train to Tokyo ,Google yourself when you get home
When I was younger my father use to call me Moon Eyes. Because my eyes are so wide..loling
I didn't know if that was a compliment of if he was making fun of me. Now I know it was a compliment:)xo