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Friday, October 17, 2008

Reef Island In Bahrain

An Island of Bliss in the Heart of the City

Located on Manama's northern shore, and minutes away from the new Bahrain Financial Harbour, Reef Island is ideally situated in the heart of Manama, the Gulf's, and one of the worlds, fastest growing financial centres. Reef Island offers its residents, and guests, all the convenience of easy access to a bustling cosmopolitan city complimented with the tranquility of a tropical island getaway. Conceived to be Bahrain's benchmark of luxury living, serenity and relaxation, Reef Island presents its discerning clientele with an exclusive living experience, on a purpose-built atoll and the kind of state-of-the-art amenities that they've come to expect. Embrace the tranquil splendour that is Reef Island and embrace life the way it should be lived.
Inhabited since ancient times, Bahrain's strategic position between East and West and at the heart of the Arabian Gulf, with fresh water, fertile lands, and pearl diving have long made this tiny island Kingdom a centre of urban development. Historically referred to as "Life of Eternity", "Paradise", "Eden" and "Pearl of the Persian Gulf", Bahrain continues to live up to the potential these names imply.

As one of the freest and fastest growing economies in the Middle East, and an upwardly mobile financial powerhouse, Bahrain is ideally positioned economically, socially and geographically to attract the most discerning international investors.


I think I've found a new place to call home. :)


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Wow Cee,,,

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