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Sunday, August 14, 2011

KATIE A Novel by Mo Ibrahim

From The Writer Mo

Buy Katie A Novel by me for the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, and PDF for $2.99. Available soon for the iPad and within months in paperback.


Roger, a Manhattan Playboy, gets into an altercation with Mr. Miller, a power-hungry businessman, who becomes so unsettled by their dispute that he attempts to destroy Roger’s life. Furious and desperately wanting to exact revenge, but feeling helpless against the powerful Mr. Miller, Roger reluctantly decides to do what he does best, which is to seduce Mr. Miller’s beautiful teenage daughter Katie.

Their initial dispute occurs on the subway, but escalates when they arrive at the same location – a ballet studio where Roger tutors Madison, a Manhattan prep school co-ed, to support his paltry day job income as a public high school teacher and where Mr. Miller is picking up Katie. Still fuming from the dispute, Mr. Miller embarks upon a plan to destroy Roger's life. Bent on retribution, Roger successfully seduces Katie until a series of events threaten to end their relationship.

Meanwhile, frustrated with his unruly students, Roger abandons his traditional economics curriculum to teach the art of seduction, presuming that his students will be more engaged and thereby restrained. However, Roger’s plan backfires when David, his “best” student, uses his newfound knowledge of seduction for unintended purposes, and is beaten into a coma by the siblings of his beguiled sex tape co-star. In the end, Katie must choose between ruining her relationship with her father and ending her liaison with Roger. Katie’s choice becomes much easier when she meets Josh, a young and handsome protégé of Rogers.

Katie is the first novel ever written with a PUA protagonist!

About the Author:

So guys, Mo is one of the most amazing people.  He's an avid reader and writer, he's very accommodating,  honest and makes everyone feel special!:) He's also my blog partner for I GOT CONVERSE and BEHIND THE APPROVAL MATRIX.

So yes! Please Download KATIE, tell your friends and family, and feed back is GREAT too. Feel free to write a review on Amazon  and  The Writer Mo!:)

Best wishes to Mo *CHEERS* -Cee

Nacho Carbonell LUCIFERASE @ Galerie BSL

With ‘Luciferase’, Nacho Carbonell presents for the first time work incorporating light, all these unique pieces being edited by Galerie BSL. A collection which is above all a set of living organisms capable of surprising us by their colours, textures and demeanor. ‘The root of this word is “carrier of light” *, explains Nacho Carbonell, and reflects the system used by flora and fauna living in abysses, in the total obscurity found at great depths.

"Even more than lights, I consider these pieces like light-producing creatures.’ * Luciferase, Latin lux fero: photon-producing enzyme, present in the luminous organs of certain plants and animals."-Nacho Carbonell 

About Galerie BSL

Opened in Paris' Marais district this May, Galerie BSL provides space for confrontation and conversation among one-off and limited edition design-art pieces, ranging from jewellery and fashion to furniture and lighting.

This Is My Closer

Hey guys! I'll return the first
 week of September. Untill then, smile and be happy!:)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Awesome Urban Outfitters Finds!:)

$2.99 floppy sun hat, talk about an awesome buy:)

Pix via my  iPhone

Hippy Head band $2, 3D robotic feel Sunnies $8, Feather earrings $10,beaded Sandals $20, cotton and lace Skirt$5, kamechi Blue fringe Paris and NYC  bag $5 each, and urber retro socks $3, As for the fringe vest, I cant remember the price. I bought it two years ago on a shopping outing with my mom. I'm not sure of the cost but it was on sale, I can promise you that:)I'll carry the Paris bag when I'm in NYC & the NYC bag when I'm in Paree:)I'll wear the floppy sun hat in both:) FUN

As for bags, cloths, shoes and accessories, If they're not gifts, I mosty buy clearance. Travel, books, and art is where I don't mind splurging. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Magnolia Bakery

Locations: New York, Los Angeles, Dubai
Magnolia Bakery opened in the summer of 1996 on a quiet corner in the heart of New York City's Greenwich Village. It was envisioned as a cozy, old-fashioned shop where people could come for coffee and something sweet. With its vintage American desserts and decor, customers often remark that walking into the Bakery is like taking a step back in time.

In 2007, the original owner decided to pass her oven mitts to a new family she felt would maintain the integrity of what had become an iconic brand. And so, Steve Abrams, a veteran NYC restaurateur and consultant along with his wife and daughter, took over the Bakery. Since then they have slowly and thoughtfully expanded from one shop to six.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Somali Famine

Nowhere is the lack of water felt more than the severe drought that has devastated Africa this year. The UN has declared Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia a crisis zone. This crisis endangers over 11 million people. Sadly many of the hardest hit are the kids.

(I'm not sure about the donation fund orginazations on this blog.)

Guys be sure to do your research when donating, so that when donting the resources reach the Somalian!

I'm going to help with food supply. So guy be sure to help the Somalian people anyway possible!:)Even if its somthing as simple as a Dua (prayer)!

"Think about these talented kids with new ideas."-Nas, HERO

Lollapalooza 2011 20th Year Anniversary

Super Fly!

 local artist Hebru Brantley, who was commissioned by Perry Farrell and Lollapalooza to create the official artwork for Lollapalooza 2011, which also happens to be the twenty year anniversary. Hebru’s design is featured on tickets as well as limited edition posters (signed by Hebru and Perry) which are now

If you cant make this event, Lollapalooza 2011 can also viewed  live on the Lollapalooza's Youtube Channel. My mom told me this yesterday. So I told her, "it sounds like you know more about it than I do." Then I asked her, " are you sure you're not going mom?!..Then we both had a great LOL." She's the funniest, coolest sweetest mom in the whole world!!:)

View the complete Line-Up...

SHARK JAW by Quiksilver's Alex Krastev

Shark jaw line-art in Alex’s distinctive style. Water color with acrylic.

SHARK JAW Surfboards In the making...


Place your bid @ Charitybuzz
Alex Krastev's Blog FUTURE SEA

Mika & Hellogoodbye!


I use to shop at Urban Outfitters weekly on a weekly basis. It use to be one of my favoriet stores.So  I poped in  last week breefly while waiting on my Yoga class to start. I Recolected   why it was one of my fav stores . They have the cutest beautifully priced accessories!:)

Above are feathered head bands and earings perfect for outdoor concerts!:)

All the sunglasses are men accessories,  perfectly priced. No need to cry if they were to get lost, broken  or scratched:)I'd wear each pair!

 Urban Outfitters

I like how the DJ incorperated  Nas's beat to HERO in the above!:)...

Nas! YES!

Nas is one of me and my fam's Fav rappers he will be @ Lolla P 2011 along with Damian Marley!:)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Endless Summer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Quiksilver Pro New York is the first-ever ASP World Championship Tour stop on the East Coast of the United States.

See the world's best surfers, in the world's greatest city, competing for the biggest prize purse in surfing history -- $1 million dollars.

Quiksilver Presents the Tony Hawk Vert Jam-- Sept. 2 at Hudson River Park's Pier 54 in NYC. See Tony and his crew kick off the Quiksilver Pro New York with a massive half-pipe demo.