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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Farewell Summer

This is a tale, of how she killed summer; and how he let her.

*Killing Summer

 Beg for me through salt water
I see them in your eyes

The taste, the anger, the harsh wind of all

The sugar rubbed off, to lend spring fall

Autumn cotton trees, sweet shrivel and shake
Is how ignorantly begot, the frozen lake

Streams and blood vessels
the lifting of relief

On pink leafs they preach
The science of grief

Painting the ground and sky
The brush soon sinks, piercing undeniably
To pure beaut-ti

With a color I’ve seen,
The soil changed.

And dyed itself again, to its silhouette
With balance, and beautiful-touchy elegance

Not knowing, she bowed to a cold scene
And left it to chill
Where the rain’s bow sings,

But losing the warmth, he drew the curtain
Over west, east, in all directions

The fog lost its touch
Lingering past the deceased

Over land supposedly unscathed  

The mist had slaughtered peace

And found out they had lost
Tears un-present, and eyes dry
‘Cause summer’d taken them in
When it mournfully sighed

Holding the wind back in its spit sea

She ended ,
While he stood by.

“There was no controlling it”
Is what he decried

So coldly pretentious,
Teach him why,
And how they killed summer.
Remind the solid land
That its sky was blue ,
And the grass green, and life
A color I have never seen

The world couldn’t have been so dark
on cloudy days
that seem to spark
imagination thru the air
filling me with lost emotions
running thru fingertips of
bright eyes and fill me with compassion
and empathy
In her warm hands why she sought thee 
Sweet sweet water
She was warned 
Crimson she followed , with the taste of salt water

You and I could do and go anywhere
We were  like fire on the Red sea

The thought of flying high with you 
  riding high on our tide
When our hearts beats faster
Do you know this is the one time the birds will sigh
and say ,
and ask ,
and sing,
and fly
Give me your wings for I am earth bounded
residing in the pillars of grass that surrounded

In every way let the rain fall to droplets
of snow and lightly hitting the world of taint and innocence
curses and lies
and let the above open for you,

Glance over touch your hand
Lying next to you, Laying there, I whisper to you that of Talamak

Especially in the summer, I think of you mostly
Because that's when I fell in love 

Until then, I hold you in my heart so preciously
And throw the key to the bottom of the Red Sea!

~Cee and Z 

I'll be gone for a while but I will return:) CHEERS^_^