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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hey There!:)

Guys! I'll be back in mid November..Have fun and be happy:)'s


The Lotus

The Lotus

The beautiful charm. The bright. The vibrant. The color that it spreads; and brings life to the deadest of things. This beautiful life that will withheld sentiment.

Anguish ,reminiscence , bliss
 I now hold at my fingertips. Its wonderfully silken gentleness, are now plucked & lay on the strenuous ground that also beckons for its touch. And is it done?

It is dead?

It's not...but this is fine...because this is anticipated.

And as this happens, something rises. Is it tension? Sadness? Adrenaline? ...Glee...Mirth... An ebullient laugh.

And this person starts to think, as the once lively lotus purple hazes.

 This lotus as it has faded overtime; wanting to impale this comely beauty, freeze its time, the same as she wants to stop her own. This beauty becoming something only for her zealous eyes. Moving shriveled hands into a grasp, taking fresh life. 

The lotus life shortened from the moments it is plucked from earth. The hard table that it sits on
Waiting, the true living dead

Her wrinkles becoming kind and soft, as she watches. She observes carefully and blissfully, Scrutiny, watching and waiting.

Through this she cannot experiance the lives closes to her than a mere lotus.

By Z & Cee


One of the most sensuous of attire- the sari, adorns a woman to become modest and attractive in it. It is not cumbersome but a great antique that suits to any occasion. The great Indian women in different spheres of life, the rich and the poor admire and appreciate the style and strength of the sari.

Though one of the oldest apparels, there is something mystical about the way one wraps, folds, tucks and drapes a seamless piece of cloth: creating a form from the formless. The sari both conceals and reveals, depending on the weaver’s whim and conditioning. The versatile sari has its variety fashion in adorning in this multicultural society of India . The Style, texture varies from south to north and east to west in India . The latest trend in sari-blouses has become a style of added value to the wearer with a magnetic grace and attraction.

My mom has lots of saris. When I was younger my dad would bring for my mom and my sisters and I  fine silk and jade jewlery and gold earings from India:)

True Blue

 Antofagasta Region, Chile

A sunny and calm sunday today:)

Hey There! If you luv someone tell them...I feel this way about myself too...LOL...why not:)

Naturally Healthy Skin by Stephanie Tourles

Includes dozens of healing recipes made from natural ingredients like essential oils, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Readers will find effective solutions to common skin problems such as acne, age spots, eczema, hives, psoriasis, rosacea, and sunburn, plus tips for enhancing skin health with vitamins, whole food supplements, and the author's own daily beauty rituals.

I've been doing a fennal seed face steam and I really like how it makes my face clear and have a nice glow. After the face steam I like to apply coconut oil:)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Opening Ceremony

Pendleton x Opening Ceremony Barn Jacket

Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Like a high-fashion version of a cultural-exchange program, Opening Ceremony features fashions from a different country each year, with Brazil, Germany, and the UK dominating recent racks. To accomplish this, owners Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, both expats from the corporate fashion world, live a consumer’s dream: They go to a new country and stay for a while to hang out and get the vibe. Then, they shop. Before leaving, the duo typically buys two seasons’ worth of collections from about ten designers, making sure to pick one power player and the rest relative unknowns. Lim and Leon don’t claim to represent the style of the regions they spotlight, and freely admit that the designers they pick only reflect their own taste. Luckily for New York shoppers, that taste is impeccable, skewing toward the type of playful avant-garde pieces that befit girls who hop from gallery opening to tapas bar to packed downtown club. As a concession to less-daring but still worldly shoppers, the loft area in the regal, opulent store is devoted to a more populist line from the highlighted country; fashion know-it-alls went nuts when they heard the space would spend the UK year devoted to Topshop, London’s version of H&M. — Kate Jacobs

K=Mr.West Runaway*

Friday, October 29, 2010

Vintage Fashion

France Turban 1911

England 1830

Apple's new MacBook Air laptop.*

Some of the nicest, if little discussed, benefits of using an Apple iPad tablet are that it starts instantly, resumes where you left off, and has a long enough battery life that you aren't constantly fretting about running out of juice or looking for a place to plug it in. And it can do a lot of things for which people use laptops.

What if somebody designed an actual laptop that worked this way—you know, a computer with a real keyboard and a larger screen that could run traditional computer software and store more files than an iPad? And what if it was almost as light and portable as an iPad? Well, somebody has, and that somebody is Apple itself.

The computer in question is the company's new MacBook Air, which went on sale last week, starting at $999—a price that's very low for an Apple laptop, though hardly a bargain for a Windows one. The new Air comes in two sizes. The base $999 model has an 11.6-inch screen (versus 9.7 inches for an iPad) and weighs 2.3 pounds (versus 1.5 pounds for an iPad). The larger—but still thin and light—model starts at $1,299, has a 13.3-inch screen, and weighs 2.9 pounds.

I've been testing both versions, but especially the 11.6-inch model, and I find that, despite a few drawbacks, they really do offer the different, more iPad-like experience Apple claims they do. Battery life is strong, and the wake up from sleep is almost instant, even after long periods of being unused.

Like their predecessors in the Air family, these are gorgeous, very thin and light, but very sturdy aluminum computers. And, like their predecessors, or like iPads and smartphones, they rely on solid-state storage—flash chips—instead of a conventional hard disk to hold all your files. But Apple has dramatically reduced the physical size of the flash storage to make room for larger sealed-in batteries, so battery life is longer. It has also cut the price from the last version of the Air, a 13-inch model that cost $1,799 with a solid-state drive....continue wsj

Inspirational Fun X:) I'm So Passionate :)

No guys that aint me The pic some random people on a fun summer day @ Lala P 2009:)When the Killers were there!..... It's been toooo long it's about that X.....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wallpaper Magazine*

I can't wait to get this issue!

The November issue of Wallpaper* gives you 40 fabulous reasons to stay exactly where you are in 10 territories around the globe. Or 360 reasons to pack your bags and head elsewhere. For the full crop of 40 you'll need to turn to W*128 but we'll be expanding on our top 20 highlights from each of the ten territories, rolling them out over the next few weeks right here.

Hermès Scarves by Daniel Buren

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kicking Losers 2 The Curve*

Anime characters look so cute when they cry.So :) 

Sunny Sunday:)


Fuji Television Building, Tokyo, 1996, Kenzo Tange

Numero Homme

While @ Boarder Books Numero Homme capitvated me most (in the fashion magazines category.) It has really glossy pages and pictures are damn near perfect-o!

And guys this is a neat look for the fall/winter. So take heed! The girls are gonna be tripping over their toes for you!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Lovey Dovey ^-^

my mood=lovey dovey ^-^ 

Who styled these bacause those cloths and accessories they wear are soooo cute :)I want them! wait a min... !I REALLY RELLY want those cloths! :)lol

cute song & video:)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

La Biennale di Venezia 2010

The second of Monocle's films from the 12th Architecture Biennale in Venice tackles the issue of urban development. Throughout the biennale, architects demonstrated a new responsibility in their approach to preserving and developing the global urban landscape.

 Part 1 monocle
Part 2 monocle

Vinice Architecture Biennale Pavilions