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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mustique Island/Macaroni Beach

Mustique is a private island owned by shareholders of The Mustique Company representing seventeen countries. A controlled development plan dictates that the island currently has one hundred private residences. Seventy-two villas comprise the Villa Collection and are available for weekly rental through Mustique Villa Rentals. It is the island's constant warm climate, private and unspoilt island lifestyle that attracts sophisticated international guests, many who eventually become owners.

Mustique is such a peaceful island that even during peak season, there is little traffic, congestion or noise. Many of the roads are not paved and there is minimal signage, thus there is a very non-commercial feeling to the island. All of the power and telephone lines are underground. You may find yourself totally alone on its white sand beaches and even renowned spots such as lovely Macaroni Beach remain tranquil and uncrowded.

English is the common language but due to an international scope of owners and guests, languages such as French, Italian, German and Dutch are often spoken.


Mustique is a picturesque and secluded 1,400 acre island surrounded by nine beaches of pure white sand, with gently swaying coconut palms and warm turquoise waters.

Macaroni Beach is perhaps the most famous of Mustique's beaches and is situated on the east coast of the island. Other popular beaches on the Atlantic or Caribbean are Endeavour, Lagoon, L'Ansecoy and Simplicity. Several beaches have picnic hut facilities. Reservations for picnic tables should be made in advance through the Villa Rentals Department.

Lifestyle & Activities

Mustique has a wide range of recreational activities to enjoy and many heavenly beaches where one can totally relax, sunbathe and picnic. Nature walking and equestrian trails are in abundance and a great way to experience the island at your leisure.

All villas include complimentary use of a vehicle, normally referred to as a "mule". Additional jeeps, horse back ridding, motorcycles and mountain bikes may be rented from Mustique Mechanical Services and more!

Currency : The official currency of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$), but most places will accept US dollars.

Passport requirements
: Entry requirements vary for each destination, it is your responsibility to verify you have the correct documents prior to travel. July 1, 2005 a valid passport is required for travel to Mustique. January 1, 2006 a valid passport is required for travel to all the Caribbean and Mexico.

Driving : Officially, driving on St. Vincent and in the Grenadines is on the left, but it is unlikely that you'll do much driving around in a car on Mustique.

Time: Mustique falls within Atlantic Standard Time, one hour ahead of the east coast, but does not observe Daylight Savings Time.

Language : Residents of Mustique speak English.

The pictures don't justify Mustique/Macaroni . Be sure to visit

I prefer Macaroni Beach but you can always go to Hawaii :)


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It really is beuatiful here. We could do with some of these villas on our site because wecould easily rent them out!! VIP villas