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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Michelle Obama

Michelle was born to Frasier and Marian Roberson on January 17th 1964 in Chicago. She was the second child and only daughter. She was raised on the South Side of Chicago yet Michelle has proven that with work and determination, a woman can have the best of both world (a job and raise a family.).

She was a good student at school and was able to attend Princeton on a scholarship. She had to work through school and rely on her scholarship to get through. A start difference to the other more affluent students. It was her time there that really set Michelle up for the future. She said that it was in that school, that she realized her blackness more than ever. So she made a commitment there, to go back to Chicago and help benefit the black community.

She went back to Chicago after acquiring her law degree from Harvard and started to practice law. It was there that she met the young Barack Obama. Being the only two people of color at the law firm, Michelle was asked to mentor Barack. She says she immediately saw how good looking he was, but rebuffed his initial attempts to date her. It was his speech at a community activism event in a church basement that changed her mind.

They were married and subsequently have 2 children together, Malia and Sasha.

Being the wife of the first bi-racial Democratic Nominee for Presiden,t has to be an unbelievable burden, but Mrs. Obama seems to lighten things up for her husband-keep him grounded. Although at times her words may have been misconstrued there is no doubt that she is committed to her family. Pledging that she would not spend more than one night away from her children, and buying two Mac books—one for her children and one for her husband so that they could stay connected.

Michelle has been described as being one of Peoples magazines best dressed women. She has a similarity to other first Lady..Cherie Blair (The wife of the former British PM..Tony, who is also a top attorney.) She has been compared to other first ladies such as Eleanor Roosevelt For a black girl from South Chicago. Being at the brink of being the first black first Lady is a tremendous accomplishment, but we are sure that Michelle will keep her feet firmly on the ground, and bring a new era of style and grace to the Whitehouse.



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