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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent


    Cute Bottles


So guys, I was out and about looking for gifts for my parents. For my mom I bought a blue glass necklace because her fav color is blue just like mines. & for my dad I bought him some sandle wood  lotion because he likes grooming products. He is a very well groomed guy. In fact my brothers are too. They defiantly put forth  more effort than me my mom & my sisters put together. In the process of my shopping, I came across YSL perfumes. I smelled all 4 above & I spent 20 min sniffing only to realize they didn't  acquire a smell that I desire (I was so hoping they did, this would give me a good reason to buy all 4)however I think the bottles are cute eye catchers!:)


Kitty said...


Trippy and fancy... I'll have to smell them when I'm in a store...

I hope you are happy girly!!!

theceelist said...

Kitty!!! u know it is hard 2 try diff smells @ 1ce ..i was getting them confused in my head 2 the point i said f smell again was so funny because i had all these paper strips ..i was making a mess but i was sure 2 throw them in the trash 1ce i fin,I spent a looong x trying 2 fig it

Im good tnx..I hp u r 2!")