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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fashion Show Venues

Dior Homme built a pristine white set within Baron Haussmann's 1857 Carreau du Temple in Paris.

Jil Sander
In a giant white gallery space in the outside of Milan, Raf Simons called on lighting designer Thierry Dreyfus to bring him the sun, which he 'captured' within a void on the wall. The idea was to recreate summer sunlight, the hazy orange glow that kissed the models faces.

Burberry Prorsum
A golden tent with chain mail walls and glossy golden runway, complete with gold linen folding stools and hectares of beige carpet inside and out.

The Ice Palace is a new venue for Etro in Milan. Built in 1923 and covering an area of 6,000 square metres, the Gothic complex was once the largest ice rink in Europe. The building is adorned with the phrase, 'Magazzini refrigeranti e ghiaccio', meaning 'refrigerated warehouses and ice', which gives the venue its fantastical name. The Italian label will dress-up their new venue in a different theme each season, to complement their collections.

Fendi, Spring/Summer '08
Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi’s executives spent hours deliberating on whether or not to have bubbles inside the transparent glass tubes that snaked their way through the plexiglass scaffolding, at their Milan showspace, a converted garage.

Miu Miu, Spring/Summer '08
Inspired by the film 'Performance', the show featured projections of images from Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House in London to festivals in New Mexico.

Louis Vuitton, Spring/Summer '08
Artist Richard Prince’s Pulp Romance novel covers (such as The French Riviera After Dark and New York After Dark) covered both exterior walls and the interior ceiling of the tent in the Cour Carée du Louvre and inspired the the eclectic and varied collection.

 YSL, Autumn/Winter 2008

 Dolce & Gabbana
The ex-Metropol cinema, fitted out by Studio Laviani, is the Dolce and Gabbana showspace, where they can make full use of the sets and in particular a giant platform that hydraulically raises models up to the catwalk.

Vuitton's square runway
Louis Vuitton
In the Palais de Tokyo models came up from below stairs and walked in a square formation.

 Giorgio Armani
What could be better than a purpose built show space, designed by Tadao Ando? The only show in Milan where you can see the total look from each and every seat.

Hosted in Luigi Secchi's imposing Piscina Cozzi (built in 1934 and renovated just last year) Moncler Gamme Bleu's show was a masterful display of synchronicity, organisation and athleticism.

showed in the Recollets building, which has on various occasions in its long history been a military barracks, a weaving mill, a hospice for the elderly and the largest illegal artists' squat in Paris

chose to show in the abandoned Piscine Molitor in Paris - a haven for graffiti artists and notably the place where the first bikini was worn in 1945.

Prada work with Rem Koolhaas’s OMA, who created a labyrinth from a proper Giardino Italiano or Italian Garden. Guests sat on green foam cubes arranged in a maze within a high fence, beyond the enclosure on the walls were projected digital images of a classical maze made of box cut hedges. The models walked through, prevented from getting lost thanks to large arrows painted on the raw concrete floor. A leveller as everyone got a front row seat.

Louis Vuitton, Autumn/Winter 2008
Louis Vuitton
A specially constructed tent built within the Cour Carrée du Louvre had an exposed scaffold-style structure on the outside (continued inside) which contrasted with the softness of the semicircular set.

Gucci, Autumn/Winter 2008
Frida Giannini commissioned a specially designed wall-to-wall carpet for Gucci’s show venue. The bronze mirror backdrop was finished with a black griffin Gucci crest, while guests sat on benches covered in black velvet.

Dior Homme at the Jardins de l'Observatoire
Dior Homme
Kris Van Assche commissioned a specially constructed tent in the Jardins de l'Observatoire, leaving an avenue of trees for models to walk through. Guests entered a darkened tent. As the show began the walls blew away, resulting in an almost open-air space.


Guys, I think these are cool... ever since I was a child I've always enjoyed decorating..taking a space beautifing it & making a wonderful space .. there r so many diff ways 2 decorate a space 4 me lighting is an important key factor... great space can alter the way u feel:)


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