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Friday, January 22, 2010

GQ & Savy Friday!

The Vibe for Versace Fall 2010: Are you looking to unleash your inner Tron? BMX-ish leather jackets; badass, knee-high, strap-laden motorcycle boots in black or gray patent leather; wraparound shades; skintight leather pants. It's all here, including sleek wool suits in laser-y shades of and blue and purple. gq  


Kitty said...


Should we doubledate some of these dudes!


Happy Friday!!!

This is about the happiest part of the week to see all these great things that you find!!!!!!!

theceelist said...

Hey Kitty! theres 2 many 2 chose & Happy Saturday!:)

Cee mks ur week happy ..raaaaad!!!

Kitty said...


You do make my week happy!!!!

I love thinking about all the ubercoolcreative things that you find!!!

Thanks girlfriend!

theceelist said...

I do I do oh my oh
Thanks Kitty:);)