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Friday, January 15, 2010

Villa Allegra By Chad Oppenheim

Villa Allegra Miami: Multiple rooms, both interior and exterior, have been added to a non-descript, one-story home transforming it into a receiver of Miami's tropical climate. While the effect is striking, minimal alterations were made to the existing structure.

The house is entered through a 20’x30’x20’ volume where a reflecting pool and oculus align to activate the space with reflection and luminance. A large room organizes the house into private and public realms.

Tremendous spaces with oversized windows overlook the pool and canal. A 60' x 20' x 20' volume, at the rear of the home provides room enclosure for outdoor living. A large circular column contains an outdoor shower open to the sky. By Chad Oppenheim

 The Miami-based architect, who heads Oppenheim Architecture + Design, initially made his reputation with for-sale multifamily projects that combine a sleek Modernism with the tropical (and hedonistic) atmosphere of their surroundings. While local developers were skeptical at first, the financial success of Oppenheim’s buildings proved that South Florida condos didn’t need to stick with a Mediterranean-Revival look to sell, and the city, and its skyline, haven’t been the same since.continue..businessweek


I really LOVE his philosophy!


Kitty said...


This guy makes me TOTALLY HAPPY!

He has GOT IT!

And this house is to DIE for... OMG... OMG... OMG...

THANKs girlfriend!!!

I;m going savor this one for a while... COOLBRILLIANCE!

theceelist said...


I know.he seems so genuine. & his creations r just amazing.the way he describes doing more with speachless!

I can imangine myself in a place lk this!

be sure 2 go 2 his site:)
savor this 1 me2;)

Kitty said...


I just looked at his site... his work makes me verrrrrrrryy happy!

Light and transparent!

theceelist said...

HEY Kitty!I know soooo enlightening Element tower is really sweeh!

Susanne Schiffer said...