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Friday, January 22, 2010

Manicure Set

Contains five stainless steel, satin-finished items: nail scissors, nail clippers, sapphire nail file, tweezers and nail cleaner/cuticle pusher.
Stand made of oiled heat-treated thermo-ash wood.
Packaged in a gift box.
By Tweezerman. nordstrom 


    Kitty said...

    Nice set Cee... :)

    I have all those things but they are not matched!!!

    I use [this]... but I think I'll make my own when I run out...

    I think yoga is good for hands... keeps them limber after working on the computer all the time...

    theceelist said...

    Im so bad with my nails sm x..the guys in my fam especially my dad always has neat nails..not polished or anything lk cleaned & well trimed.

    Ok the burts bees..i try it out..I dnt lk the idea of going 2 get a manicure where the supplies r used id lk them 2 be new or id hv 2 watch them sanitize them with my very own O-O

    kitty iv hv a suprise 4 2mrrow,,funny funny u should say