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Friday, January 8, 2010

Leica M7 Camera

This LEICA M7 limited Edition Hermès offers a total of 200 silver chrome LEICA M7 cameras with exquisite leather finishes applied by Hermès. The body and the carrying strap of the camera are made in Swift calfskin, a drummed leather with extreme suppleness. Connoisseurs of pieces that are extraordinary in both quality and style may choose between two eye-catching varieties in "étoupe" and "orange". Only 100 cameras are available in each of the two leather colours.

Leica camera and Hermès
I luv cameras that have antique appeal with modern day function!


Kitty said...



I luv it!!!

When I was in college my teacher let me borrow his Hasselblad camera and it was a very sweet little machine...

I wish I had time to make pictures and do art... that is what I like best in life... creating stuff!!!!!

theceelist said...

Thata an amazing camera!my granndmother use 2 hv these antiques when she past @ the dinner sm1 cm over the hs & stole sm of the antiques she use 2 hv an antique camrea not sure of the brand.

Ill fin reading the details :)

Kitty said...

Oh wow Cee...that is bad story... someone stole your grammy's stuff... I'm sorry!!

Antique cameras are kool!!!!!!!!

theceelist said...

My aunt who send me care pkgs..2mnth ago i asked her 2 be on the look out 4 an old camera..she sent me 2..but she but they wernt antq..2day she sent me a cool tweelie RL jacket..i called her i was telling her how i meant antq then she said last year she saw a hassekbald camera 4 5bucks & a resale store,,she said i should hv been mr spacific..then i told her my was telling me abou this cmrae..i was lk awww man I wish she hd gotten when she saw it..she said if she sees anth shell get it 4 me..shes really sweet:)

Kitty said...

Nice story CEEE!!!

Hope she finds you a Hazzyblad!