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Sunday, January 24, 2010


 I have this book & it's wonderful! Last week I pulled a muscle. I was going to go to the chiropractor. I didn't really want to go through the hassle with the drive filling out I decided to get my yoga book go to a sauna do some  stretches after doing this for two days I was completely healed. Before hand I seriously felt like I was partially palatalized of something..if I told my parents this they would have pretty much made me go. If I tell them of any little ailment they'll stay on me until it's gone... lol.  ( do what is best for you)

& guys if your going to stretch in the sauna be sure to have some water at hand or when you get out..because you can easly exert yourself & possibly pass out!..more info below...


Kitty said...


I just ordered this book!!!!

I love yoga! Maybe I'll try more of it at home now!!!


theceelist said...

Heeeey Kittttty!!!lol

Excellent..yeah smx i dnt want relax dnt hv 2 b around any1 or in a class u

theceelist said...

& I promise ull luv it!:)

sfauthor said...

Great! Do you know about these yoga books?

Kitty said...




And THANKS sfauthor for the book linky!

theceelist said...

Hey Kitty!!!hv fun!:)

sfauthor thanks ill check it out:)