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Friday, January 1, 2010



 Glacial ice covers more than half the terrain of this archipelago, which lies 400 miles north of the Norwegian mainland.

The long darkness of the Svalbard winter at an end, April's low afternoon sun brushes glacial ice stranded at sea.

Summer meltwater gushes down ice cliffs where the Austfonna ice cap meets the sea in eastern Svalbard. The walls tower more than 100 feet above sea level and plunge some 300 feet below.

                                                                           Frosty Road


Kitty said...

MORE MAGIC CEE!!!!!!!!!!!

I love ice and snow and how I feel in it... does something to my brain...


theceelist said...

I do lk it for a bit but i lk it when its gone 2 lk mixed feelings just when just when im tired of it the seasons change which is perfect!