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Friday, May 1, 2009

Zen Garden

For centuries, Japanese Zen masters have cultivated gardens of harmoniously arranged rocks and white raked gravel - creating silent havens for peaceful contemplation.

By cultivating a miniature Zen garden - reducing for a moment the day’s problems to a few waves of sand against the rocks - one may come away feeling as if the rest of life has become simpler.

& kids don't play in the zen garden you'll have rock dust in your eyes & hair!LOL:) Sounds like fun to me. Just imaging kids playing in it, pointless to say don't.:) They're going to DESTROY it..LOL!!!


Kitty said...

Konichiwa Cee...

So glad that you are back!

Missed you...

Happy May Day!

theceelist said...

Heeey! & tnx:)