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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stephen Burks 4 ck1

CK IN2U is the first CK fragrance since the globally successful CK One. The assignment to package the new men´s and women´s fragrance for the millenial generation is fulfilled in the form of an iconic bottle shape that combines traditional glass with an innovative injection molded plastic skin cut-thru with the brand´s logo. When it launched in the spring of 2007, CK IN2U was the number one fragrance in Europe and the factory produced one million bottles per month.

& he surly knows how 2 build his brand:)

ckin2u Fragrance Packaging Coty Prestige


Kitty said...

Brand builder... builder brand... brand builder... builder brand...

Works both ways...!!!


BTW: I LUV his suit above... coolcat!

theceelist said...

It does.

He does look cool in that suit:)