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Friday, May 8, 2009

2009 Mercedes Benz G550

X 4 some fun under the sun! I think I'm in LUV! I have 2 say Mercedes uses a good quality paint. This is the only 1 which moves me.. I wouldn't mind having this..LOL who wouldn't..LOL

& guys imagine wearing the Balmain jean outfit driving this, that'll b sooo fun!:)LOL

My sis fav car. Mines 2 all of a sudden:)


Kitty said...

Crazy Cee...

Driving around dudelike...

Da Benz is here... LOL!!!

theceelist said...

Driving around dude like now thats funny as hell..Is that what it's called..LOL!!!

OH NO! U made a that's f'ed up..what did u do ..tell me u didn't take a chrysler & glue benz medallions on.

Some things u just cant make>>LOL>>LOL!!!