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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yvonne Lo

Yvonne Lo, is founder of Diva Life, a spa for wealthy Chinese. Diva Life is set up for two types of clients the ex-pat tai tai wives of diplomats and then the wannabe chinese that follow that crowd into Yvonne's spa. Yvonne has the Diva life... she designs her own furniture, spa, clothes, etc... She spends the morning at the Fabric market, meeting her tailor and then goes to the office, but the main reason she started the spa is so that she can have a couple hours of treatment any day she likes.

Diva Life, an English friendly Nail & Beauty Lounge with international hygiene standard, which uses Swiss Clean sterilisation system and ensures that each procedure is carefully disinfected and cleansed. With comfortable sofas, music, refreshments, and all kinds of imported books and magazines, Diva Life delivers the highest quality, most innovative beauty care products and services to our customers in a convenient, affordable and fun manner.

In Nov 2007, Diva Life had extended its luxurious experience to German Centre in Shanghai, which includes a one-to-one consultation hair salon and 9 dedicated spa treatment rooms. The spa has been designed and developed in close consultation with the founder of the company, Yvonne Lo, whose unique appeal in trends and styles has inaugurated the largest professional nail and beauty lounge in China. The spa’s core attitude is hygiene; professionalism and enjoyment in nail treatments, so that all beauty-loving men and ladies in Shanghai can have their own diva’s life.

Wellbeing is the basis of beauty. Diva Life uses Swiss Clean sterilisation system and the shops are carefully disinfected and cleaned every day. Diva Life’s prestigious customers will also have their individual set of manicure and pedicure apparatus which are not to be shared with other customers.

Diva Life is one of the very few premium beauty spas that uses only PAYOT products imported from France and OPI nail products imported from USA and offers pure American nail services. Each therapist is carefully selected and has gone through strict professional training before servicing clients to ensure supreme service quality, offering truly professional brand services.

Diva Life is the first nail & beauty lounge to introduce Fruits Treatments for Hands and Feet, a favourite in Hollywood. The treatments come in 26 different fruits masks catering to different seasons and skin conditions. It is genuinely a unique offer in China.


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Kitty said...

Oh I love this Chinese bitness lady...

Cee... let's go to spaland!

Thanks for putting her up!

theceelist said...

Yeah the PAYOT!!!:)It's DOPE!