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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kerry Washington

Probably best known for her role as the long suffering wife of Ray Charles in the biopic Ray. Kerry Washington has been slowly accumulating roles that are nothing less than stand out during the length of her acting career. Her real life role as an activist is nothing less than right.

Born and raised in the Bronx, Kerry joined Tada! A youth musical theater where she honed her acting skills. At 12 she transferred from a public school to a private girls school in Manhattan. She graduated from the Spence Academy and went on to gain her degree in theater at the George Washington University in 1988.

Kerry has had a solid acting career starring in the "Aforementioned Ray", "The Last King of Scotland", "The Fantastic Four". Dont forget "Little Man"and "I think I love my wife among others."

She is also an activist. A feminist to be precise and she is not afraid to let people know it. She is part of the V-Counsel set up to help stem violence against women. She is also part of a political group formed to raise awareness of first amendment rights and use art as a way to create opportunities for children. Judging by the roles that she has chosen, there is no doubt that Kerry thinks about the impact that her roles will have on people at large.

She definitely deserves to be placed on this list as a woman that truly exemplifies conscientious living.


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