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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sotogrande House by A-cero Architects

 A-cero Architects have designed the Sotogrande House in Cadiz, Spain.


Kitty said...



I'm inspired --- GORGEOUS!

Wonderful, stunning, awesome...

Thanks for putting this up!!!

theceelist said...

I know right!!!

I really lk the area with the scarfs and assessories..that s perfect u can lk sit down then walk over 2 the mirror.such a clean & cozy crib i lk the bd rooms u see that lil blue thing on the wall i wonder who it by..and the room with the cral/red pillows comfy!:)

Kitty said...

Those scarfs are GORGEOUS! Belly dancing outfits!!!!

Yes... pretty and comfy and happy space!

We'll hang and have fun!!!!

theceelist said...

Yeah thoese scarfs r so nice..i wana create a space lk would be cool 2 chill in this place we could hv a BD party on the roof top then the neighbors sould call the cops on would b fun then we would tell the cops 2 F*** off..LOL