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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June Guys!:)


Kitty said...




I missed you girlfriend!!!

Wonderful, wild song!!!!


theceelist said...



I miss u2 my goodness its feels lk its been 3 years>:( HAPPY 2 CEE U!:)'s

I know fun sng. 2 shimmy 2..:):)

I gotta remove that snow pic..i posted it then im lk i didnt notice the snow.
I hp things r HAPPY!:)

Kitty said...


I miss you forever!!!!

I'm pretty happy! I have a garden and a pet TOAD!!!

I've been riding my bike and I'm going swimming soon!

I hope you are HAPPY TOO!


theceelist said...

Oh Kitty!!! I miss u when ur right here with me..LOL

Ur Happy thats happy 2..b sure 2 name ur and get it a dope lily

bike riding swimming ur doing sm fun stuff:)

I was packing my winter things away today.

I hp the day went GREAT!!!

Kitty said...


Today I rode the train and looked out at the beautiful river... THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!

It was a pretty good day and I ate a bagel! And strawberries! And iced coffee!

I miss u too!

I love that pic with the watery lines and colors!!!

Kitty said...

Put away your winter clothes and get out your bikinis!!!!

theceelist said...


loling..col u rode the train and hadbagles strawberries and iced coffe. a train ride is always interesting..did u lk look around and scan who ull sit lol or when sm 1 gets on ur thinking please dnt sit by jkking..thats cool..

one x i rode the train alone ( not with a famly member and it had been a long x since i rode the train and i was by myselfand it was packed i felt so crazy lk my hands were sweating profusly..i always hv 2 get aclimated when riding alone..and the more i think about my sweaty hands the more the

that pic is noce and the 1 were the sand water & sky meets those 2 really nice.

a ive never worn 1..but my last vacay i was thinking i should do smthing a lil naughty and crazy shit crosed my mind but i dnt do 2 many crazy things so i was lk nah..LOL

Kitty said...


Good thing I'm reading this on Friday cause your comment makes me want to play and not work...

We can ride the train together and I'll take care of anything and you can sit at the window and look out at all the pretty landscapes... I'll keep peeps out and even more fun to have a "coachette" which is totally private and we can paint our nails and have a makeup party!!!!

We'll have so much fun!!!!


theceelist said...

O.K kitty that sounds cool cochette that would be fun..

let the hotties in im kidding im not shallow lk smthing about publuc city trains but cross town/country would be really nice with the views & all..i was invited to go cross country on the train..maybe i should reconsider it pretty relaxing i bet.

yeah we could do that & play checkers and hv lunch on a train...i was in cyber space & saw these coll cross country train trips..ill post sm soon!


Kitty said...


TRAIN TRAVELING... it would be so cool...

Wanna go through the Grand Canyon and over the mountains!!!

theceelist said...

It would and @ sun set with the sun rays shining through the windows on our faces our skin would be so radiant as the train moves!:)ha!:)lol