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Monday, June 28, 2010

Rome, Italy



Kitty said...


We'll have to look gorgeous when we go to Rome... we'll find some Roman gladiators... lolololol!!!

I don't need to march around to every tourist site... how could I in my 4 inch heels!!!!

We'll have a riot!

theceelist said...

Hey Kitty! that'llbe cool I was @ the gym & me & this girl was tlking about our travles she was telling me about her trip 2 Rome we were exchanging travel destinations & hot spots..Ive never been 2 rome she was telling me how amazing it is! Oh & she was also telling me u can find great tix prices in the eary morning lk @ 1:00am on thursdays and odd x of the night

theceelist said...

the vatican in particular

& she said no stiletos well break our hells & our necks..2.LOL oh

theceelist said...

heels &

Kitty said...


I crashed asleep last night and slept like a BOULDER!

Hahahahahaha! no stilettos????? we gotta!!! we can wear our flats on the street and carry our heels in our bags...

Vatican? What should we wear when we go there???? A veil??? I'd like black with black seamed stockings!!! PRETTY!!!

Kitty said...

Roma Roma ROMA!

theceelist said...

Good Morning Bibkat! LOL

veil & fish net stockings & mini skirt?!~>>LOL now that will be wild &