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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Haus mit Atelier by C18 Architekten

C18 Architekten have designed a Haus mit Atelier (house and studio) in Waldstetten-Wißgoldingen, Germany.


Kitty said...


Too big for me though!!! I'd make it smaller...

Sun and fresh air and open rooms... nice CEEEEEEEEE!!!


theceelist said...

It is!

its lk a home & office clients can be entertained here..
u know it dosnt look that big..i think because its not really furnished, makes and the open space
..i think its a moderate size..i

really lk the curtains glass windows and the pool being rightg putsise the door step..really neat!:)

i hv another i post it it this 1 is pretty big..up next')!