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Monday, June 21, 2010


Erhu is a kind of violin (fiddle) with two strings which, together with zhonghu, gaohu, sihu, etc, belongs to the "huqin" family. It is said that its origin would be dated up to the Tang dynasty (618-907) and related to the instrument, called xiqin originated from a Mongolian tribe Xi. During Song dynasty (960-1279), the instrument was introduced to China and was called "Ji Qin". continue...


Kitty said...


I actually LUV Chinese music like this... there is something queer and sour about the sound that makes my brain excited and HAPPY!!!!


theceelist said...


COOOOOL 2! really mind stimulating..while listiont i experiance diff its lovely a sorta sad..a feeling of longing for smthing @ the same x contentment and then its classy and dreamy:)

Kitty said...


You described it PERFECTLY!!!

Maybe we can lie on a raft on a quiet lake and listen to this music!!!!

That would be so cool... :)

theceelist said...

KITTY that would be perfect! also..

u know what would be cool 2 lk if sm1 came in the morning while sleeping
if played in an empty echoy room so that the sounds woud bounce not 2 loud and then wake up and hv tea and a light breakfast....and the see bibkat sitting on the chair across..this woud be a perfect morning..LOL