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Friday, June 11, 2010

Cayenne Pepper

Much scientific research has been initiated to validate what naturopathic practitioners have known for years: It can stop heart attacks, nourish the heart with vital nutrients, remove plaque from the arteries, help rebuild flesh destroyed or harmed by frosbite, re-build stomach tissue, heal stomach ulcers, and can mitigate the most wrenching of diseases.

Continuing, it improves circulation, rebuilds blood cells, lowers cholesterol, emulsifies triglycerides, removes toxins from the bloodstream and improves overall heart health. Plus, it's even a great insect repellent.
Be sure to watch the vid! Guys! I started taking cayyane a month ago & I went froom doing 50 sit-ups to 100 consecutivly!:)


Kitty said...


Super STRONG girlfriend!!!!

100 pushups!!!!

I love cayenne and habanero!!!

Miracle food!

theceelist said...

100 push up ...100 Sit up..YES WAY!