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Monday, June 21, 2010

Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura June 19, 1928 – December 29, 2007) was a Japanese make-up artist and founder of the Shu Uemura international cosmetics line which bears his name.
Legendary Japanese cosmetics creator, Shu Uemura.
Shu Uemura blends the best elements of "Nature, Science, & Art" to create contemporary make-up, innovative skincare and high quality professional tools that fuse simplicity with elegance.
Inspired since 1958 by an aesthetic and professional spirit, shu uemura's make-up provides a wide artistic palette of precise colors and textures to play with for a trendy, natural, or sophisticated finish. Colors in skincare-like formulas easy to blend, to apply, fitting well with skin, providing long-lasting effects. A pioneer in Cleansing Oils, shu uemura develops skincare that promotes beautiful skin. Based on Depsea Water, a concentrate of the purest water extracted from the deep sea, and Japanese phyto-ingredients, all our sensorial formulas naturally help improve metabolism in even the most delicate skin. Explore the unique world of shu uemura and find your own beautiful expression through make-up while respecting your skin.

1st 1 really cute LUV!..Middle 1 cute  2nd 1 cute to wear to a party 3rd 1 interesting and last 1 LUV LUV!:)
I find Shu inspiring because he seems like he was genuiunly pasionate and honest about his brand.  I luv the Deepsea Water and respecting your skin  philosophy along with the Utoco below!:)...


Kitty said...


Lets try that those ideas for our eyes!!!! We'd be GORGEOUS!!!

He seems very cool...

Check out this "natural and modern" house... from the 70's but beautiful proportions and light... and simple fixtures... sweet...

BTW: The word verification = rewarm!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

theceelist said...

his product seem lk it can be trusted..hopefully it stays the same! u know companies lie and tell u this water is from the himilaian mountains & it is from the pulluted

the crib! I really lk it alot!the shwer stall is really nice! with a few upgrades it cn be damn near perfect!i think its reasonably priced when u compair it to not that farmiliar with phli..its REALLY REALLY NEAT & artistic looking..u cn do so much with it! thanks 4 sharing that was FUN! I LUV looking @ interiors!lol

BTW: The word verification = rewarm!!! "..huh mistake by me in a post..OH NO! sleep & dumb right

theceelist said...

I feel lk ive been up 4 4

Kitty said...


I was just coming to say good night and you are here and SLEEPY TOO!!!

Time for beddy-bye and sleep and rest...


Night girlfriend!!!

theceelist said...

Oh KITTY hv a good going to get sm sleep to night 2:) sleep well!:)zz

Kitty said...


I missed you last night... conked out!!!

I so love these makeup ideas!!!!

It's gonna take us a lot of practice!!!!

Sleep well and get your beauty rest!!!!

theceelist said...

Hi Kitty!!!!!!

Thank 4 such kind words:) I missed u I was thinking WOW Kitty is 2 good 2 be its funny.:) I LUV it!:)

Sleep well& beauty rest..I LUV that sooooo)))))so funny and cool:)

mow I will:) i hp ur hving fun happy dreams!:)