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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ocean Blue Sunday

A few yrs ago 2 of my fav sngs!:)
Guys, I'll be gone 4 the rest of November. I hope I've posted enough 2 last ever1 until December.

Until then..



Kitty said...


Leaving again???? I miss my Best Internet Girl Friend!

Have a great November!

I LUVLUVLUV these songs. SWEET. Bye CEE!

theceelist said...

Thanks Kitty!

Yeah I hv a lot I wasnt going 2 post @ the beginning but I wanted 2 chill with u in cyber cyber space is so 90's ri-i-i rht! soo fun! I hv a business adventure Im excited about! lots of lil planning. fine details take the longest;)

I know i wanted 2 do smthing chill:)

theceelist said...

Hey kitty I'll chk 4 messages on the weekend:)

Kitty said...


Hope you are doing well...

Maybe I'll give myself a facial today... I'm a little anxious and that calms me down...

I luv to LOL with U!

more fun with my Cee!

theceelist said...

Kitty Kitty Ur bk! Yeah!!!:)

Kitty said...


Happy Thanksgiving girliegirl!!

theceelist said...

Thanks kitty! I post smthing 4 u 2 day!:)
I hp u did 2!:)

Kitty said...

Thank you CeeGirl!

theceelist said...

Cool Kitty!

U know it is Eid as lots of fun with my family!:)

I hp u having fun 2:)!

Kitty said...

Relax for the holidays Cee... :)

theceelist said...

u2 Kitty:);)