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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nirvana & Red Hot Chili Peppers

The long-awaited Nirvana DVD, Live at Reading, which features their entire performance from the 1992 Reading Festival in England -- a set captured at the peak of their popularity, and widely considered to be among the band's best ever -- hits stores Nov. 3, and also airs in its entirety Nov. 2 on Fuse.

Despite its sadly abbreviated history, Nirvana was responsible for some amazing live moments!

Cobain and Co. blazing through Bleach's "School," 
Posted a clip from the DVD, of Cobain and Co. blazing through Bleach's "School," 

Lets rewind & go back in X!

OMG, does this bring back soooo many happy memories where me & my bro use 2 hv a Nirvana & RCHP party every friday.. party started as soo as he came hm from school @ make lots of snack & desserts & chill! the following day wed go 2 Whole Foods 2 buy those carrot cake cup cakes with cream cheese frosting..& do it all over again!:);)Then I'll have 2 kick him out because he can party all day every day!He use 2 wear me compleatly out..but I do miss it..I hv 2 say


Kitty said...


This is a riot... I've never heard this music before...

I can see why you'd have a party with your bro... hohoho!

Your bro sounds like the PARTY ANIMAL... I mean ANIMAL!

theceelist said...

LOL ! Kitty we hv such a great x 2gether..
he goes 2 concerts with me.. when we went 2 th lola P he sold "candy" which was really candy & made $500 bucks..I was sooo embarrassed... we were rolling..Im sure when the people went hm they were waiting all night 4 their "vacation"..hes sooo hilarious & cool:)

I swera people stop & ask him if hes Corbin Blue..LOL is hilarious:)