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Friday, November 6, 2009

Urban Decay Cosmetics

                                                                           Liquid Liner

Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner
liquid liner will sculpt ur eyes perfectly & give you those runway eyes!This bottle look Asian /African/Arabian inspired.When my dad use to go 2 India  he brought back Kajal in bottle lke these.

                                                  Ink For  Eyes

Create razor-sharp lines or smoky eyes!

A good brush is an Essential!

                                                                     Baked Bronzer


Guys, I really lk this brand especially the blue eye makeup! When I was in the 7th grade I always luved  blue eye makeup & 2 this day I luv the way it looks on me!

I think bronzers r nice 2 use  on a sunny day, but not for everyday use. & I highly discourage foundations 4 everyday use, maybe on special occasions. 

The key 2 great skin is eating healthy, drinking lots of water  (cleanse your body of toxins) & having a positive attitude!





Guys, she uses diff brands but she has good


Kitty said...

CEE... I need some lessons and play around with makeup... WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I wonder if I can look pretty?


theceelist said...

Im sure u can..

Remember its not the look its ur swagger.If u think ur hot every1 else is going 2 think it 2..seriously...

Funny story..In grammar school I was completely totally shy..then in high school I was tired of being in the bk I came out f my shell showed lil more personality.& I was voted the hotest most popular girl by all the guys/girls in high school u know the the flyest hotest girl.LOL I was..LOl crazy