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Friday, November 6, 2009

Desi Girl


Guys, I think this is such a cute sng & funny..If ur a magnetic girl..this sng is 4 u!& guys I could hv sworn she did sm Beyonce moves..I hear b is hot in Bollywood.. LOL.. Achaa!

English Translation..


Kitty said...


Time for belly dance fun...

Fresher and happier than Beyonce! OH YEAH!

theceelist said...

She is!

Kitty I'll post sm belly dancing music next x.u cn practice!

Beyonce hum she she sure can shake it though shes a wild 1..& she aint shy either..who does she think shes fooling with her inarticulate self..LOL

Kitty said...

Cee... the other day I wasn't thinking and heard this cool music and started b dancing! Nobody saw and couldn't believe it! It felt GOOD!

theceelist said...

That bs got u shakin ur a** on the streets..sham on the "B" shame on her I swear..LOOOOOL

her new vid id so interesting shes really getting dirty &