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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Qasimi x 2

1 of the most AMAZING dress EVER!


Kitty said...

I'd wear that... in a city with 4 inch heels!

And makeup and my hair up!

Cee... let's wear matching outfits! and walk around... and have FUN!


theceelist said...


I absoulty luv qasimi shoes they r amazing!

I lk 2 wear my hair kinda all over the place not really make up on my face wouldn't b 2 sparky because the dress is enough..u wouldn't need accessories with this 1 either..just black hair & smoky black eyes and clear lip gloss..u can do red lips because blue & red looks great 2gether..I really dnt care 4 red..but I hear guys luv;-)lol

theceelist said...

but kitty u know dressing up as twins is sortta lk when I was a teenager I uses 2 see these Hispanics & black boyfriend & girlfriend dressing in matching outfits straight no

Kitty said...


Red and blue... fun... red lips... FUN!

We might not want to look ghetto... uhmmm...

theceelist said...


hum we can be a lil ghetto smx I

aint nuthin wrong with dat..LOL