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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hotel Exedra

Inside the famous Hotel Exedra Nice in Nice, property of Boscolo Hotels, in the basement ground rises the amazing wellness centre, signed by the architect Simone Micheli. “Planning a space designed for the psycho-physical regeneration and recreational relax, in the beautiful Costa Azzurra.



Kitty said...


Funky relaxation place!

Sauna, jacuzzi and massage for me!

theceelist said...

When I saw the sauna pic..I thought 2my self oh a sauna 4

Kitty said...

KITTY LUVS the sauna and all the relaxation stuff...

Kitty lets GO!

theceelist said...

I know sm days I use 2 chill aaall day the summer i do but not in the go in2 these chill modes smx..i mean lk not answering voicemails emails phone not a dame that can f u up sm