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Friday, November 6, 2009

Crisp & Chic Friday!

                                                                  Vintage Fainting Couch


Kitty said...


You are BACK with the great stuff... I was saving a few posts to enjoy this weekend in case you were gone for a while.

Hope you are HAPPY BIGF!!!!!!

Kitty said...

Oh and LUV that funky couch...


theceelist said...

Heeeeey Kiiiiiity!!!


Cool i post a bunch of rock I had last week just cm bk from six flags with my bro & I was feeling crazzzy azz rock & roll

I promise myself i wasnt going 2 do that any more all tackey & sh**

Oh & kitty I miss u:)

Kitty said...

HI CEE!!!!

SIX FLAGS!!! I went there a 100 years ago... I think it was fun! I barely remember.

YOU are a rock and roll BABY!!!

I miss u 2!!!

theceelist said...

Yeah kitty u should go it was so cold fun sooo fun..I got on this 1 ride called ragging bull the best 1 it glidded & hd great drops every1 thoutht I was crazy 4 going on such a cold day but I was driving & all of a sudden I thought I wann go 2 six flags..LOoool so I call my bro & said

Kitty said...

CEEEE Girl...

U R 2 FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!