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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Karsh Kale

Four years ago, when DJs Radiohiro and Warp took it upon themselves to focus on global electronica and international beats with a new bimonthly gathering, one could hardly have predicted that someday there would be competition between bhangra nights in North Side clubs. After throwing parties under the Asian Uprise banner and booking electronic dance for the city’s World Music Festival, Warp (alias Brian Keigher of the department of cultural affairs) pushed Bombay Beatbox as an outlet for new global beats. The talent has been strong with everyone from original Asian Underground guru Talvin Singh to New Age breakbeat star Bassnectar signing on and the likes of the MIDIval Punditz drawing 300 people for a midweek shindig.

Also chk out..Distance & One Step Beyond

Off 2 the gym so "cee" ya later!  :);)


Kitty said...


Listening to Karsh makes me to be liberated and make things too... be open and happy and free... :)

Thanks for highlighting Karsh!!!

And it makes me want to belly dance....

theceelist said...

Oh kitty! this guy if fin amazing..OMG..he deff take u on a sortta mystical looking 4 the right diff & DOPE AZZ about