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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scarlett Johansson

Already proclaimed as the sexiest women alive by Esquire magazine; Scarlett Johansson has already achieved a lot for a 23 year old. Born three minutes before her twin brother..In New York City, she has also been critically acclaimed for her film work. You may remember Scarlett Johansson from the Will.I.Am campaign video for Barack Obama. A political activist and supporter of the democratic nominee

She showed a passion for acting at a very early age and her mother enrolled her in the famous Lee Strasbourg acting school in L.A. Graduating at the age of 11. Scarlett went on to start in minor movie roles until she received her big break in the movie, Lost in Translation. After that role she said she was attracted to older men and vowed to never date anyone younger than the age of 30. All this at the very tender age of 20.True to her word she dated Benicio Torro for a time and is now engaged to Ryan Reynolds.

Not content with “just” being a movie actress, the multi talented Scarlett has just released her debut album which is a tribute to the eclectic singer Tom Waits. An unusual choice to cover but she managed to get some big names on board. She has David Bowie singing backing vocals on two of her tracks.

Scarlett has been called the thinking man’s muse with admirers such as the director/actor Woody Allen. She exudes sensuality but says that she really doesn’t put any thought into what she looks like. There was a brief moment of controversy when she claimed to have an ongoing email relationship with Barack Obama but that was denied by the Obama campaign. You get the impression of a very thoughtful young woman. She is more likely to be seen reading the Economist than the National Enquirer so it’s hard to believe that she invented the story for sensationalisms sake.

Generous in nature and humble till the end. Scarlett was the winner of the lease of an exclusive condominium in Miami at the 2007 Super bowl but in step with her generous nature.She made the decision to donate usage to a children’s charity.

There’s no doubt that as well as having talent and passion for her art. Scarlett has a passion for the people too.



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