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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lupe Fiasco

If you read Chicago and Kanye West you would immediately think that Lupe Fiasco was a Kanye Protégé. But when you listen to his deceptively laid back, conscious rhymes, you would never make that mistake again. The underground birthed Wasalu Muhammad proves that it’s his bold uncool lyrics make you listen and learn from what he has to say.

Rapping from the age of eight, his life as a rapper briefly stopped when he listened to the violent imagery contained in the early “Gangsta” rap style of hip hop. But happily for us Lupe soon found his way back to being a Lyricist by the age of 14. Drawn by the styles of Jay Z and Nas a star began to rise embodied by Lupe’s words.

In his newest album "The Cool", Lupe seeks to show the pitfalls of what it is to be cool. Through music and rhyme he seeks to educate the youth with the concept that what may seem cool is really uncool. A conceptual album that tells a story from start to finish (With brief autobiographical diversions) "The Cool " could be considered a trail blazer of this era.

With the bubble gum pop of hip hop artists these days, it’s refreshing to have a young man that speaks out for being smart and conscious. It’s actually cool to be uncool. When you listen to Lupe you really understand where he is coming from. As he says it’s the geeks and nerds who end up being the ones on top at the end. Almost like a throwback to the conscious rhymes of KRS-1 and Public Enemy, Lupe seeks to re-educate.

In this era it’s clear that as an entertainer you have to do more than be in music. You have to bring your ideas and a conceptual thought to the people, and Lupe does that with "The Cool". It’s very simple. The things that are considered cool aren’t really cool at all. You will hardly find a rump shaking woman in his videos or imagery of guns and excessive champagne flow. Its all focused on the artist who is delivering his message.

Lupe also involved in giving charity. One could argue that it really isn’t “Cool” to give back in this economic climate. His work for the Children’s Miracle network is a sign of his intention to really make a difference.

Lupe teamed up with Karma loop in a create a T-Shirt competition for the interpretation of his album "The Cool". All proceeds will go to WHY (a nonprofit organization dedicated in helping ending hunger and poverty).

There is no misunderstanding who Lupe Fiasco is, he's just "Pure Dopeness" !


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