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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Carlos Santana

There can be no greater accolade for a seasoned musician than to be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. For Santana their induction was a homecoming and a testimony to the years of dedication that was poured into the music that was creatively known as Santana. Throughout the various incarnations of the group, as their music style evolved and as members left one thing remained the same. One thing has remained the same and that is the membership of one Carlos Santana.

Born in Mexico in 1947, Carlos was born the son of a Mariachi Violinist. He used to play with his father’s group after he learned to play his first strong instrument..the guitar. However at the age of thir-teen his entire family moved to the United states. Resistant at first to the change, Carlos soon found himself immersed in the musical scene in LA.

Since 1966 Carlos has served as the bands Impromptu leader. Originally he wasn't designated the leader rather it was a condition of music law in California that all groups have a front man, and soon the group began to be known for its electric guitar riffs. Carlos at that time began to study with a religious guru.

Santana’s resurgence was marked with the explosion of their album "Supernatural." An album that was primarily collaborations of Carlos Santana’s guitar riffs and other artists. It was a huge success that won the group collectively eight Grammys. Carlos picked up 5 alone. "Supernatural" has sold over twenty-one million copies alone. It is the most successful album of his career.

Carlos and his wife ex-wife formed a charity called the Milagro foundation. The Milagro Foundation serves children around the world in areas of health,education and the arts.


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