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Monday, July 7, 2008


Considered a modern day Midas it’s clear that Oprah Gail Winfrey has the ability to move mountains.

The richest African American in the world, Oprah's current life is a far cry from her roots wearing potato sack dresses in Tennessee.This poor background gave Oprah the ability to look at other people’s lives and empathize. She is not afraid to show her emotions when it comes to other peoples tragedies.

Arguably one of the most recognized women in the world. Oprah proves over and over again that her sharp business acumen blends well with her platform as one of the world’s most successful media icons.

Born in rural Mississippi Oprah was raised by her single mother, moving to Milwaukee, before returning to Tennessee to live with her father. Mocked by the other children, perhaps this poor background gave Oprah the ability to work harder than ever to achieve her dreams and aspirations.

It is truly fitting that Oprah looked towards Africa as a building block to express her outlook of a new way of thinking. A philanthropist of the highest level, Oprah proves over and over again that money and determination really can effect change.

Through her private foundation Oprah has helped thousands of African children from Johannesburg to Zambia and continues to impact lives in a positive way. Oprah has helped many people in need and her ideas have come to full fruition with the start of her Leadership Academy in Africa. It is fitting that Oprah devotes her time and extraordinary ability to bring something better to the girls who attend the school.

By building a girl’s school, Oprah has opened the door for opportunity in a place where there wasn’t any for young African females. As a African American woman giving to black girls, Oprah fortifies the images that the children see and allows them to have pride in what people of color can do.

Her impact is immeasurable but there is no doubt that her tireless effort to make a difference definitely crowns Oprah as the Queen of Giving.


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