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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nancy Ajram

Outside of the Arab world, the name Nancy Ajram is not well known.But she is one of the top selling artists having sold over 40 million records alone.

Born in Beirut in 1983,the passion for entertainment flowed in her blood. She won a talent competition , similar to American Idol at the age of 12. She was the youngest artist to be introduced into the syndicate of Lebanese singers at the age of 18.She released two albums before the age of 20. Unfortunately, those first albums were poorly received. However, with perseverance she released her third studio album, "Ya Salam" in 2003 and was thrust into the forefront of the Arab music world. To western standards Nancy is very conservative, but to the ultra conservative Arab world Nancy is viewed as quite risqué.

Even though Lebanon is a relatively moderate Arab country, she still caused some controversy with her music video that accompanied her first smash hit "Akhasmat Ah"(I will taunt you), where she played the role of a flirtatious waitress. Her sweet voice and person placated those ruffled feathers and there was even a skit that lampooned the prudishness of Lebanese society.She was the first singer to be sponsored by Coke in the Middle East until 2007, and has had a huge level of success with her songs, which have been featured in the commercials.

Nancy has won a multitude of awards in Lebanon for her musical abilities. She was named one of the most influential personalities in the Middle East in 2005.

Strangely enough, Nancy’s religious affiliation seems to be unknown. Perhaps a smart marketing move by her management company. Her religion doesn’t seem to matter to her fans in the Middle East. Love of her music seems to unify them all. She performs all over the Middle East from the very conservative Yemen to the religiously ambivalent Lebanon.

She ran into a problem in Dubai with her dancing on stage and was asked to stop. No dancing allowed. She walked off the stage at that time. Nancy is young and seems unstoppable in her desire to reach the highest level in entertainment.

First stop the Middle East,last stop the world!


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